Decoupage art depicting a human face with a multicolored background

Teen Media Awards 2020!

Mon., Aug. 10
This moment, unprecedented in our lifetimes, confirms how indispensable creativity is to our life together. A pandemic requires that we navigate new forms of distance—so we explore new ways of forming connection. Young people are leading calls to address systemic inequity and racial violence in the streets and online—and so we ask ourselves, how can the words and images we share shape a moment on…
2019 Teen Media Award winners pose with their trophies after the ceremony

2020 Teen Media Awards

Sat., Feb. 22
The Library is all about the flow of ideas and creativity. You might think of the flow as one directional, following a path from books and materials to their readers. In reality, library users pour their talents, passions and stories back into the community every day. Two great examples of this are the Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest and the Labsy Awards.  These contests offer an opportunity for teenage writers, artists, musicians and coders to share their work. Whether in the form…
A group of teens ressed as their favorite fictional characters for participating in PhenomeCON.

Celebrate Your Fandom at PhenomeCON!

Mon., Jun. 10
Are you itching to dress up as your favorite character? Do you want to show off your Smash Bros skills or make new friends to discuss your latest fanfiction and fanart? Then check out PhenomeCON-- Pittsburgh’s free, city-wide, teens-only fandom convention!