A graphic of an open book with stars.

Virtual Storytimes Help Children Get Ready to Read

Fri., Jun. 5
When our library buildings closed, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh librarians hustled to move our in-person storytimes online. We hope that parents and caregivers like you will enjoy our online storytimes and find ways to unlock the learning shared on the screen to bring stoytimes to life for your children. 
Parent and child use a computer together.

Strategies for Struggling or Reluctant Readers

Wed., Apr. 29
I’ve written before about the challenges of being your child’s teacher during this pandemic, and today’s post is on the same topic. Because, wow, this is hard. 
A child and caregiver use a computer together.

School at Home During COVID-19: Resources for Parents

Fri., Apr. 3
It’s been weeks since my kids’ schools closed. While adjusting to this new “normal,” I’ve also been trying to figure out how to be a teacher for my first grader and preschooler. Here are some resources I’ve found useful in figuring out how to keep my kids happy and engaged—with schoolwork and other activities—during this time. Hopefully something on here can help you out too. 
A parent and child wearing headphones and sitting in front of a computer. The child is pointing to the screen and the parent is smiling.

Streaming Storytimes and Read-Alouds

Thu., Mar. 19
Elsewhere we’ve shared resources that can help you create your own storytime or read-aloud at home. Now, we’re bringing you a list of great places to watch or stream storytimes from the comfort of your home or from your own device.