Mother reads a library book to two young boys

Best Books for Babies 2020

Tue., Sep. 29
So far, not much about 2020 has been predictable. And much of it has been unsettling at best. But one thing that we can count on is that babies keep being born and, even in these extraordinary circumstances, they need the same things: love, nurturing, encouragement—and books! Educators, child development experts, and librarians all agree that reading aloud to babies helps prepare them for later…
Illustration of a shadowy figure against a red background that reads "Words have power: Leave no page unturned. Banned Books week, September 27-October 3."

Banned Books Week 2020

Tue., Sep. 29
Sometimes there are good reasons for a book to be removed from the library. It may contain information that’s out-of-date. Maybe the pages are falling out. Perhaps an excited child added embellishments in crayon. Working with kids, I’ve seen that more than once! Other times, individuals or groups ask libraries to remove a book because they don’t want people to read it. For example, they…
Person with headphones seated at desk and using laptop

Digital Skills Basics: Create a Facebook Account

Mon., Sep. 28
Facebook is a popular social media platform for keeping in touch with others and sharing information about our lives. It can sometimes seem like almost everyone has an account and is talking about what they’ve seen on Facebook. If you don’t currently have an account but would like one to connect with friends, loved ones and your community in this time of increased virtual interaction, follow the steps below!  Before creating an account,…
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Program-Alikes for September 21st, 2020 and Beyond!

Fri., Sep. 25
Happy Fall, y’all (or yinz?)! The colder weather and changing of leaves mean plenty of things around Pittsburgh, from football games to scenic hikes to apple cider. For us at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, we cannot refuse snuggling up with a good book. Our curbside pickup and e-books apps can help make your wildest, fall dreams come true.    Hoopla allows you to stream & download on your computer or through the app for Android and iOS…
Smiling person reading a book in warm lighting.

Real Imaginary Lives

Wed., Sep. 23
It’s fascinating to think about the lives of historical figures. Perhaps that’s why so many authors try their hands at imagining the internal and external lives of famous figures, bringing them closer to the world of contemporary readers by coloring facts and dates with feelings and fiction.

Learn About Supreme Court Justices

Mon., Sep. 21
The passing of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on September 18, 2020 has created a vacancy in the 9-seat Supreme Court. There is no recent precedent for a confirmation vote so close to a presidential election. Nomination and confirmation of a new member of the Court involves both the President and the Senate. About the President: Donald J. Trump, Republican, was elected the…
Person with glasses and floral printed shirt seated in front of desktop computer

Digital Skills Basics: Using Job Portals

Mon., Sep. 21
There are many reasons you may find yourself searching a job portal. Maybe you’re ready for the challenge of something new, maybe you’re reentering the workforce after some time away or maybe you have an immediate need for more cash flow. Today, navigating the how-tos of searching for a new job can be even more challenging than usual. But not to worry, Carnegie Library of…

COVID-19: Contact Tracing

Wed., Sep. 16
Contact tracing is an important tool in understanding and preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is important to know what a legitimate contact tracer will and will not ask you to avoid scams. Contact tracers work with an infected person to gather names and phone numbers of people they have been in contact with while possibly infected. These tracers will then contact those people “to…
Library card catalog drawer labeled for Library of Congress classification

Digital Skills Basics: Using the Library Catalog

Mon., Sep. 14
Did you know that you can look up available books, movies, and music from home? All of this information is available on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh website through the library catalog. The catalog tells you:   What items are available at the library Where those items are located  If the items are checked out and when they are due  Through the catalog, you can also have an…