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Tech Talk Time

Wed., Oct. 28
Connect Tech Technology, a word that is both enlightening and terrifying to our society. Right now, as the world has paused, the use of virtual technology and online resources to connect with each other has soared to its highest usage ever (probably). I have seen a lot of different kinds of accessible technology through my years working at LBPH, both of what we offer and…
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Wed., Oct. 14
Stoicism is a misunderstood philosophy. Small “s” stoic is the idea that you never show emotion and never react to things. Just sit there stone-faced as the world spins around you. That is not large “S” Stoicism. Stoicism is the idea that you do not control anything in the world beyond your reaction to something. To quote Marcus Aurelius, “You have power over your mind-not…
An envelope addressed to Franklin Senior sits atop a letter beginning Dear Friend. At the bottom of the pile is a colorful drawing of faces and other line doodles.

Pen Pals for Seniors

Wed., Sep. 9
We all live with the understanding that social isolation is essential to combat the spread of COVID-19, but one community in particular is feeling the full emotional impact of this isolation: Senior care residents. Across the country, older age groups are shown to be more susceptible to serious illness from COVID-19. As a result, independent and assisted living facilities have remained closed to visitors for the majority of 2020. For months now, our most vulnerable population has been without regular…
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Free Listening: Options for Library Patrons with Print Disabilities

Wed., Apr. 29
As many of you know, CLP-LBPH has been closed over the last few weeks while we adhere to Governor Wolf’s order for nonessential workers to Stay at Home. This order is of course designed to lower the rate of transmission of COVID-19 throughout Pennsylvania. I would like to thank all of our patrons who called to let us know that you feel we are essential…
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Dig Deeper into the News of the Day with The Economist. Now Available on OverDrive!

Tue., Apr. 21
The Economist is an international weekly newspaper printed in magazine-format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology. Download the latest edition from OverDrive or OverDrive’s app, Libby. From politics to business and finance, from science and technology to the arts. The Economist offers fact-checked, authoritative insight to the news of the world. [action id ="319266"]
Former Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutchen narrates an audiobook. Volunteer monitors recording outside of booth.

The Recording Studio at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Fri., Feb. 14
Something that many people may not know is that here at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped we have a fully equipped and functioning volunteer-run recording studio. This little-known secret is a true gem, and contributes to the noble mission of the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled.    Just for a little background, The National Library Service…
Cover art for Haben by Haben Girma

Haben Girma

Fri., Jan. 24
Black History Month is a time to remember those who started the fight against the societal imbalance between races, classes and cultures. We have so many idols to thank for the freedoms we have today and it is motivating to continue seeing more and more people rise up in the fight against these imbalances. There is one woman in particular who caught my eye when…
Woman's hands holding an iPad to use the BARD Mobile App. Her right pointer finger is pressing play.

Free Accessible Books for Pennsylvanians with Reading Disabilities

Wed., Jan. 15
At LBPH we have traditionally served people who are unable to access the printed word in typical ways.  Through the Library of Congress’ National Library Service, librarians and many other professionals have been able to certify people into the NLS program who are blind, visually disabled or who are unable to hold a book or turn its pages, allowing a return to a love of…
Cover art of Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

October Country: The Horror of Ray Bradbury

Wed., Oct. 16
If you've heard of Ray Bradbury before, you've heard of Fahrenheit 451 (DB 34963).  A slightly deeper cut would be the famous Martian Chronicles(DB 26787).  A deeper cut, and some of my personal favorite things he has written is his horror.  A podcast I really enjoy has been going through some of them for October, calling them October Country as there is King Country or…
A book lays open on a table with some of the pages folded back to make a heart

A Tale of Two Book Clubs

Sat., Sep. 28
       I’ve participated in many a book club in my life. While the general proceedings of each book club meeting are almost always the same, the atmosphere, dare I say aura, of each has been splendidly unique. My book club experience has involved long-term gatherings, short-lived, one book only meetings, book selections based on a theme, random selections drawn from a hat, attendees of different…