The Not-So-Great Alone

Thu., Apr. 11
I'm extremely wary of modern, best-selling fiction authors. These authors publish books so frequently in such short periods of time you begin to wonder if he/she is doing any creative work at all or just telling the same basic story each time with slightly different characters and settings. I think I'm so critical of these types of authors and this type of literature because the…
Going Some Where Book Cover.

Going Some Where Else

Mon., Apr. 8
Have you ever come across a book that felt like it was fated to find you? Like you were meant to read it due to its parallel’s with current life situations? Such an occurrence happened to me last week when I was searching for a title of another book for a patron. Using goodreads, some “read a likes” popped up and I was drawn to…
From the back cover, a quote from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo: "to realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation".

Not the Treasure For Me

Fri., Apr. 5
The Alchemist DB 37602 by Paulo Coelho is a tale of self-determination, discovery, and most importantly, treasure. Wait, maybe I've got those mixed up… Anyways, this short but poignant allegorical story was written by Paulo Coelho in 1988, and although it had the most modest of success at first (dropped by its original publisher as a flop), it was picked back up by an optimist…
Book cover of Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

Animal Dreams

Tue., Apr. 2
      Cosima – a name meaning something akin to “order in the cosmos” –  ironic in that the name-bearer in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams has lived a life devoid of anything resembling structure and a plan. In Kingsolver’s novel, we follow Codi (the name Cosima prefers for herself) on a journey of discovery and understanding of who she is and what she wants while she confronts…

The Perils of Health Care in Modern America

Sat., Mar. 30
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped helps to facilitate a bookclub for one of our partner organizations, The Consumer Health Coalition, which, like the name implies is an organization that advocates for access to health for residents in Southwestern PA.  We have recently read two titles that have illuminated the sad state of healthcare for many individuals in the United…
book cover of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: a Life

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Two Biographies for Adult and Younger Readers

Wed., Mar. 27
“The Notorious R.B.G.”  Now a cultural and legal icon, the 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s initials are emblazoned on T-shirts worn by a much younger generation of fans.  She recently described herself as “a flaming feminist,” but in truth her views on the equality of the sexes are both a reflection of the careful logic of her mind as well as a gradual evolution in her…
Book cover


Sun., Mar. 24
Elevation By Stephen King DB 93255 / CL 19034 Middle-aged Scott Carey has discovered he is losing weight but--oddly--not mass. As he confides to his retired doctor friend, nothing he wears or carries adds to his weight. Meanwhile, Scott enjoys life and is determined to mend fences with his new prickly neighbor and her wife. Strong language. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2018. Pandemic: a novel By…

Irish I were in Ireland

Thu., Mar. 21
With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, you may experience the desire to read some books about the ever-lovely Emerald Isle. Whether you are a lover of fiction or nonfiction, history, poetry, romance, mystery, or fantasy, there is a book featuring Ireland for you. Check out one or more of the following titles as a small way of celebrating Irish culture!    St. Patrick of…

Your Money or Your life: It's that simple

Mon., Mar. 18
I am terrible with money.  Honestly sometimes it feels like the stuff just evaporates from my wallet.  To quote my father, about cars but the principle applies, "if they weren't so useful I'd hate them."  So I regularly dive into the financial blogosphere and try to find the one principle that will set me free.  Oh and it has to be easy, obviously.  You can…

Announcing Our Newest Local Title: The Quiet Don

Fri., Mar. 15
We are pleased to present our latest Audio Book offering, available immediately in a variety of formats and delivery options for your ease of use and reading pleasure.  This is our 152nd DBC title which now appears on BARD for download in addition to being available in cartridge format. DBC 08116  The Quiet Don: The Untold Story of Mafia Kingpin Russell Bufalino by Matt Birkbeck. Secretive--even…