The Book cover for Grit.

Effort Counts Twice

Tue., May. 7
I have a twin sister who constantly gives me great things to include clothes, advice and book suggestions. Our book tendencies are opposite. I lean towards fiction while she leans toward non-fiction. Due to my lack of non-fiction inclination, I always ask her for suggestions which in turn fuels my next listing of recommend books. I’ve finally embraced the suggestions from her and now we…

Engaging Audio Books for Preschoolers

Wed., May. 1
Why listen to an audio book with your preschooler when you could just as easily read to them? It's a good question. Listening to audio books together can be fun and engaging. While not a replacement for reading aloud together, audio books can help children to expand their imaginations while practicing important early literacy skills. Audio books are an especially important tool for children who…

Daily Newspapers and more for LBPH Patrons!

Sun., Apr. 28
You may know that the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped offers a handful of audio magazines by mail, but did you know that our patrons are eligible for a service that has over 500 daily newspapers across the country, and 70 magazines? This is through the National Federation of the Blind NEWSLINE service. Patrons can call in to hear their local daily newspapers…
Flyer for Autism Friendly Open Mic Event

Disability Friendly Community Events

Thu., Apr. 25
For people on the Autism spectrum or with other disabilities there are several exciting events coming up in the Pittsburgh area!  On Sunday May 19th at the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, The Autism Society and Band Together Pittsburgh will present an Autism friendly open mic.  There will mics, keyboards, guitars, amps, and percussion instruments available for participants to utilize.    If you or anyone you know has a…
Cover of book A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying

Wed., Apr. 17
Recently, while sorting papers, I came across a list, made over ten years ago, of books I was interested in reading. On it was A Lesson Before Dying (DB36694), Ernest J Gaines’ 1993 novel which won the National Book Circle Award for Fiction. The book addresses issues of race and identity, and also law as an institution in the larger political, racial and social context.…

Carnegie and Frick a Bitter Partnership

Sun., Apr. 14
It was probably about 10 years ago when I was browsing the shelf looking for something interesting to read when the book title Meet You in Hell grabbed my attention. I have always been interested in history, especially local history, so after reading the description I knew this was a book I wanted to read. The book details the relationship between Henry Clay Frick , Andrew…

The Not-So-Great Alone

Thu., Apr. 11
I'm extremely wary of modern, best-selling fiction authors. These authors publish books so frequently in such short periods of time you begin to wonder if he/she is doing any creative work at all or just telling the same basic story each time with slightly different characters and settings. I think I'm so critical of these types of authors and this type of literature because the…
Going Some Where Book Cover.

Going Some Where Else

Mon., Apr. 8
Have you ever come across a book that felt like it was fated to find you? Like you were meant to read it due to its parallel’s with current life situations? Such an occurrence happened to me last week when I was searching for a title of another book for a patron. Using goodreads, some “read a likes” popped up and I was drawn to…
From the back cover, a quote from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo: "to realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation".

Not the Treasure For Me

Fri., Apr. 5
The Alchemist DB 37602 by Paulo Coelho is a tale of self-determination, discovery, and most importantly, treasure. Wait, maybe I've got those mixed up… Anyways, this short but poignant allegorical story was written by Paulo Coelho in 1988, and although it had the most modest of success at first (dropped by its original publisher as a flop), it was picked back up by an optimist…
Book cover of Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

Animal Dreams

Tue., Apr. 2
      Cosima – a name meaning something akin to “order in the cosmos” –  ironic in that the name-bearer in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams has lived a life devoid of anything resembling structure and a plan. In Kingsolver’s novel, we follow Codi (the name Cosima prefers for herself) on a journey of discovery and understanding of who she is and what she wants while she confronts…