Kids read alongside one another at the Library.

Talking About Race With Kids and Teens

Wed., Jun. 3
Talking with children, preschoolers, teens or in between, about current events can be challenging in the best of times. When illness, inequity, violence and hate surround us, it can be an overwhelming prospect. Here are some books that we think offer a good place to start the conversation.

COVID-19: Quick Resources for Caregivers and Mentors of Teens

Thu., May. 14
One time, at least five teens and I were all playing solitaire -- alone, together -- on the floor of the Library. It was spontaneous, solitary (of course), yet unifying. It felt like a lesson in mentoring then, and even more-so now. On that day and any typical day as a Children’s and Teen Librarian, I would think about teen brain development as part of…

An Introduction to Manga

Fri., May. 8
This is a brief introduction to the wonderful world of manga designed for educators, parents, librarians and manga enthusiasts.
A school-age child uses an iPad.

Online COVID-19 Resources for Kids

Mon., May. 4
As librarians, we mostly believe that almost any problem can be solved—or at least better understood—through reading. The current pandemic is testing that belief (along with lots of others), but we are still searching for and sharing good resources as much as possible. If you also turn to books to help make sense of the world and you are trying to figure out how to explain the new reality to your kids, consider sharing some of these very recently published online titles with the children in your lives.
An adult and child snuggle at the Library.

Talking to Children About COVID-19 and the New Normal

Thu., Apr. 30
As a parent of two, I find that it can be a struggle to always put on a positive face for my children during this uncertain time. So much of their world has changed so quickly. With so many questions about COVID-19 and social distancing, I felt like I needed to see what resources are out there to help guide these conversations. And though it doesn’t take away the sadness, it is helping me feel better to know that I am not alone with this struggle. And neither are you.
Image of a person looking to the right. Photo has an orange filter.

You Are Not Alone: Pittsburgh Health and Safety Resources for Teens

Wed., Apr. 29
Do you have a question? A fear? An idea to explore? Could you use some support? Even if you feel alone, there are a lot of places to turn. Here are just a few. IOTAS (It's Okay to Ask Someone) Textline: 412-424-6827 Free, confidential textline to ask any question related to sex, relationships, bodies and more UPMC Adolescent Clinic: 412-692-6677 Birth control, STD testing and…
Parent and child use a computer together.

Strategies for Struggling or Reluctant Readers

Wed., Apr. 29
I’ve written before about the challenges of being your child’s teacher during this pandemic, and today’s post is on the same topic. Because, wow, this is hard. 
Image of person with head in hand. Photo has an orange filter.

You Are Not Alone: Teen Mental Health Resources

Thu., Apr. 23
“The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it.” “The Gift.” Buffy the Vampire Slayer, WB, 22, May, 2001. Hi friends, how are you? We are living in an uncertain and scary time right now. I am sharing some resources that could be helpful if you are feeling sad, scared, alone, depressed, overwhelmed – whatever you are feeling, you do not…
Mother helping her daughters to finish school homework during coronavirus quarantine. They are using laptop.

Learning During COVID-19 and ADHD: Resources for Parents

Sun., Apr. 12
Today and USA Today are among some media outlets addressing the unique challenges parents of children with special needs face during the pandemic. Without the support schools can provide: special education teachers, reading specialists, classroom therapists and more, services are missing for these kids. With that in mind, here are some light ideas and gentle suggestions specific to ADHD. These are not substitutes for the services currently missing from our lives as we navigate the pandemic.  The intent is to connect parents to library resources that may support you at home, while homeschooling or learning with kids with ADHD. 
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Rediscovering Childhood Favorites on Hoopla

Tue., Apr. 7
Seeing as we are watching a little more television than normal, my son has really taken an interest in hearing about the shows and cartoons we liked to watch growing up. Over lunch the other day, he asked if there were any shows that we watched as a kid that he could still see today. I was amazed at how much I rediscovered on Hoopla. Maybe you'll go down a rabbit hole too and discover some of your own nostalgic favorites!