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Throwback Thursday: Houdini vs. The Afterlife

Thu., Aug. 11
In the 1920s, America had a brief but intense fling with spiritualism. Eventually the phenomenon became so widespread that Scientific American decided to hold itself a little contest, with a $2,500 prize for the first medium who could convince a panel of judges that they were the real deal.

Celebrating Teens and Creativity at the Teen Media Awards

Wed., Aug. 10
At The Labs @ CLP, young people in the Pittsburgh region have many opportunities to collaborate with each other and pursue individual interests in a variety of areas include writing, music, filmmaking, animation, photography, robotics and design.

Best of BARD: July 2016

Tue., Aug. 9
I told you all last time around to keep it hot and malicious. I don't know how we can keep up this torrent pace. It's nice to see the variety of names on the list, keeping the King off the throne for a little while longer - we got Castillo taking the pole position, perennial second placer Cussler, a rare showing by Meltzer, and a…

Kick-starting Creativity

Tue., Aug. 9
If you would have asked me about a year ago, I probably would have told you I wasn't a very creative person. Now I realize I was just working with the wrong definition, and making some pretty common mistakes.

Ballin' with Dwayne Johnson

Fri., Aug. 5
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of my favorite people in the world. He's what I would consider a national treasure. My aunt had told me about his television show on HBO called Ballers and how I should check it out. Once she told me that Johnson was the star I was sold.

Mary Gaitskill and the Art of Progressive Perversion

Fri., Aug. 5
Prudes beware: Writer Mary Gaitskill—once called the "Downtown princess of darkness"—earned her nickname from the oftentimes "taboo" subject material showcased in her books: drug use, prostitution, sex work, and sadomasochism. But while her writing is indeed dark, it's funny too; It's her raw characters—and her utter nonjudgment of them as a narrator—that makes her work so punch-in-the-gut progressive. "We are phobic of weakness, we treat…

You Did It!

Wed., Aug. 3
Congratulations, Pittsburgh - you just read 90,000 books!

Awesome Edgy Comics That Are Definitely NSFW

Tue., Aug. 2
Here are three ongoing comic series that explore difficult topics and taboo subjects. Sex Criminals is a series about two people who rob a bank to save a library. Bitch Planet looks at the way we treat women and hold them to impossible standards. And Morning Glories examines violence and youth (with some time travel thrown in for good measure).