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A parent and child enjoy Bilingual Storytime at CLP - Squirrel Hill.

Bilingual Storytimes Bring Communities Together

Mon., Apr. 18
Children’s Specialists at the Carnegie Library developed a pilot program of bilingual storytimes in a way that grew volunteer partnerships and served speakers of world languages.

One Shot

Mon., Apr. 18
While this may sound like your standard issue crime drama, Victoria is thrilling, largely due to everything we see on screen being filmed in a single shot.

Bibliotherapy and Me

Fri., Apr. 15
If you’re unfamiliar with bibliotherapy, it involves much more than suggesting a good book to someone going through a difficult time.

Hero or Traitor?

Thu., Apr. 14
Anyone else here obsessed with the Serial podcast? I listened to the whole first season in one sitting. Yes, that’s 12 hours. No, I didn’t talk to anyone or move.

Greek Food Festival Season

Wed., Apr. 13
I love spring and summer, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happens to be the time of year when my favorite events start popping up: Greek Food Festivals. I think we should just call this time of year Greek Food Festival season.

A Legend For All Times – Beverly Cleary

Tue., Apr. 12
Today is the 100th birthday of outstanding children’s author Beverly Cleary. She is most well-known for her funny, laugh-aloud, homespun tales featuring Henry Huggins, Beezus, Ramona (the Pest) and the Mouse and the Motorcycle.

One Book, Every Young Child

Mon., Apr. 11
During April, libraries, schools, Head Start programs, museums, and other organizations throughout Pennsylvania are celebrating and participating in the One Book, Every Young Child program.

The Pirates Home Opener 2016

Fri., Apr. 8
People go to baseball games for a variety of reasons, because they like the game (my mom [Hi Mom!]), because they like the food and being in a stadium (me) or because they’ve been dragged there by their family (my dad and sister).