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Paulo Coelho's Best Stories

Fri., Aug. 19
Prior to this year, I had never read a Paulo Coelho book, which is surprising being Paulo Coelho is one of the most famed Latin American writers of our times and I love all things Latin American.

The Writing Life

Fri., Aug. 19
It’s probably not often enough that Anne Lamott and Stephen King are mentioned in the same breath, but both are award-winning authors who have written important books that discuss the “the writing life.” Both explore their writing processes and share glimpses into the childhoods that shaped them into writers in their titles Bird by Bird (Lamott) and On Writing (King). Among many other tips in…

Love Your Perfume

Wed., Aug. 17
Clocking in at a mere 140 pages, Andrew Lam's Perfume Dreams is deceptively slim. Its contents, however, will resonate with readers long after they've finished it. Though Lam eagerly embraced American life and assimilated easily, he never really could leave Vietnam behind, and he explores the immigrant experience in this beautiful collection

Of Grifters and Offspring

Tue., Aug. 16
I love stories of con artists. I always have. When this book came out I read it and I still think of it often. The tale of the mother/son team of con artists Sante and Kenny Kimes is riveting. Like anything that is at once horrible and fascinating, it’s hard to turn away from this story. My wife and I took turns reading this book…

That Time Already?

Tue., Aug. 16
My daughter is about to start second grade, so I picked out some back-to-school books for newly independent readers that your child will enjoy, with or without you!

Let the Baby Games Begin!

Mon., Aug. 15
Babies learn about the world through sight, sound, touch and other senses. Playing games with your baby is a fun and rewarding way to offer stimulation and, of course, to bond.

Read Harder: Vol. 8

Mon., Aug. 15
If you're a knitter, you know Clara Parkes. She is a go-to source for all things yarn — her website Knitter's Review can tell you how just about any brand of yarn will knit up and handle being worn. In Knitlandia, Clara takes us along on her road trips around the world in search of yarn.

Rocky Mountain High

Fri., Aug. 12
I recently returned from a two week trip to Aspen, Colorado. Nestled in a remote valley in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen is best known for its ski slopes and ridiculously high cost of living, but it’s full of quaint and unexpected treasures, too. I expected to fall in love when I first stood among the mountains; what I didn't expect was how it…

Readers Live Longer Than Non-Readers

Fri., Aug. 12
If you're over 50 years old and read a book for thirty minutes a day, you're likely to outlive your non-reading peers, according to a new study published in the September 2016 issue of Social Science and Medicine.