Independence Day Nonfiction for Adults

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has a wide selection of print and digital titles to commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. Make sure to include some reading time in your 4th of July celebration plans.

Beyond Pride Month

These titles focus on LGBTQIA+ history and experience through the stories of the people in the community and the images and video captured by the community.

Depolarizing From Within

The following titles are a mixture of liberal and conservative views, with the aim of providing a balance of contextual information to address the challenges of political polarization.

Dexter-ous Reads

As Showtime continues to tease the upcoming new season of ”Dexter,” my sister and I have been reading to curb our impatience. If, like us, you’re waiting to see what the ambiguously moral killer will get up to–or just feel like rooting for the bad guy–try these books in the meantime.  

The Power of Story and Representation

It is essential for people of all backgrounds and experiences to learn the power of embracing their story and the importance of storytelling – no matter their niche. 

LGBTQIA+ Family Stories

Family roles can feel like they are set in stone. For many of us, returning to our families of origin catapults us back in time. We’re once again the responsible … Continued