Be Frank With Me

Be Frank with Me, is a witty and touching novel by Julia Claiborne Johnson.  Alice Whitley, the narrator of the story, is a young publishing associate from New York City … Continued

Dirty Grandpa is Super Dirty

I like it when comedies have heart. Dirty Grandpa is a movie about love and loss, of doing what makes you happy and being your own person. It also features Zac Efron … Continued

Becoming a Jackal

Becoming a Jackal is the debut long-play presentation of the songwriting of Conor J. O’Brien, an Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist with the band Villagers. Comfortable manipulating multiple harmonic forms integrated into … Continued

The War of the End of the World

The best contemporary fiction of any era provides some insight into the moment of its creation, possessing a specificzeitgeist, or peering through a particular weltanschauung.  In the ink or ribbon or … Continued

Ordinary Victories

With Ordinary Victories and its concluding volume, Ordinary Victories:  What is Precious, Manu Larcenet describes the common state of humanity in our contemporary moment.  Ordinary Victories is a primeval and … Continued

Burning Valley

Burning Valley is perhaps the most political novel of Southwestern Pennsylvania ever written.  Published in 1953, the book is set in the depths of a hollow on the outskirts of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, in the years … Continued

August Wilson’s Pittsburgh

At a performance of any one of the ten plays in August Wilson’s “Century Cycle” (also known as his “Pittsburgh Cycle”), the experience of the African American community in the … Continued

Everything I never told you

A story about an unsolved crime, a family tragedy and a moving portait of a mixed race family living in small-town America.

The Turner House

Part historical fiction, part family drama, and all heart – The Turner House tells the story of a family’s fifty years in Detroit.

Two Wheels in Film

The library carries all sorts of books about the bicycle—books on bike culture, history, repair, and even fiction centering largely on the will to pedal. We also have movies about biking, and I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here for your perusal here.