Ghost Boys

Jerome’s spirit is restless and he cannot move on spiritually.  He has so much to say and do but was robbed of the opportunity just like countless other boys.  The past is prologue is a saying I never fully understood until now.  He cannot comfort his little sister, grandmother or his mom or dad.  He cannot help Carlos get over his guilt.   Jerome is only visible to his killer’s twelve year old daughter, Sarah. 

Nearly Newbery

Done with the all the Newbery books already?  You may find some fun in these books who were also thought to be in the running.  

We’re All Mad Here

Fatigued with reality? Here is a frabjous list of different ways to find yourself in the nonsensical world of Wonderland.

The Cruel Prince

This is not your average faerie tale, Black paints a dark, but fantastical picture of a faerie kingdom where anything can happen.

Magical Middle Grade Books

One of the great things about fiction is that anything can happen. Magic can be real. It’s not just potions and wands–the representations of magic in stories are as varied … Continued

Katherine Paterson: Tackling Tough Topics

Paterson’s novels range from historic to contemporary and often deal with difficult topics like jealousy, alienation, or death, but her characters learn to deal with adversity, as everyone must.