Waverly Duck

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Portrait photo of Waverly Duck

Waverly Duck is an urban sociologist and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of No Way Out: Precarious Living in the Shadow of Poverty and Drug Dealing (University of Chicago Press 2015) and a finalist for the 2016 C. Wright Mills Book Award. His research examines the social orders of poor Black neighborhoods, as well as manifestations of race and gender among the upwardly mobile, using ethnographic and ethnomethodological approaches that focus on how meanings are sustained within contexts of inequality (interactional, neighborhood, and organizational) through orderly cooperation. His research extends further into a broad range of topics, including orderly properties of communication in settings troubled by autism, welfare reform, and gender inequality.  Professor Duck is currently the Director of Urban Studies at the University of Pittsburgh as well as a Postdoctoral Associate/Visiting Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for African American Urban Studies & the Economy.


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