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The Oscars, Race and Representation

In connection with Dr. Gooding’s talk, here is a list of films spanning almost 100 years, some nominated for or winners of Oscars, and some that are in the canon of Black film history but were not recognized by the Academy.  
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Pittsburgh Poets

In this list we celebrate poets that have lived in Pittsburgh, either growing up here or coming here later in life, and whose work is informed by this city. Whether the influence is obvious or more subtle, the crucial worlds that they spin with their words have the power to evoke these landscapes we live in every day.  
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Welcome to Pittsburgh: Mysteries and Thrillers

Since mystery, crime and suspense stories are a big and popular genre, it’s no surprise that they are also the biggest genre of Pittsburgh-based fiction. Literary crime stories, cozy mystery series, hardboiled detectives and all kinds of Mafia families are represented here.
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Black and LGBTQ+ Authors

From science fiction to historical fiction and memoirs, these books portray various experiences of both Blackness and queerness.
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All Boys Aren’t Blue

This memoir manifesto by cultural critic Johnson navigates Blackness, masculinity and queerness while asking readers to explore the social forces that shape their lives.
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Bisa Butler Inspired Fabric Collage

This year's national Black History Month theme is: 2021- The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. These resources dig into the work of Bisa Butler and other Black quilters, storytellers and fiber artists.