Staff Picks categorized 'biography'

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The Supreme Court and Its Justices

If you’ve found yourself wondering just how the Supreme Court works or want to know more about the Justices who serve in the highest court in the United States, check out the titles below.
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Picture Books About Kids of Color With Disabilities

It’s important for kids of color with disabilities to see themselves in books. These books introduce kids of color with disabilities to characters who look like them—people with disabilities being kids and accomplishing cool things. 
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Baseball Books for Teens

Celebrate baseball from different perspectives with these titles for teens in grades 6-12.
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Find Windows to the World in Picture Book Biographies

Whether you are heading back to school online or in a homeschool setting, it is time to move beyond the famous figures shared in conventional history textbooks. One great way to learn about innovative people is to explore a stack of picture book biographies.