Science Fiction for Kids

Whether traveling to distant planets or envisioning the future of our own world, science fiction sparks children’s curiosity and imagination while helping them to make sense of the world. From cats on the moon to freezing time, this list includes exciting chapter books and graphic novels that kids won’t be able to put down. 

Sharing Stories, Sharing Cultures

Research shows that children begin to develop an awareness of race at an early age. As they grow, they become familiar with—and participate in—family and cultural traditions.   Finding ways to … Continued

Try Something New

The new year is a wonderful time to try something new. These picture books will get kids talking about the possibilities of doing something they have never done before.

Middle Grade Books for Younger Readers

Some middle grade fiction tackles mature topics that younger kids may not be ready for. Books written for younger kids avoid those topics but might be too easy for an advanced reader. Each child is different, and you know your young reader best. With that said, you may find this list of gentler middle grade titles helpful. 

The Aquanaut

Check out this wonderfully weird and original graphic novel that’s full of humor and heart. 

Crack the Code

As the weather turns colder, it is the perfect time for puzzles and games. Puzzles help children build necessary skills, like problem solving, concentration, and reasoning. Filled with secret codes and puzzling mysteries, these titles will keep aspiring spies and coders busy for days. 

Folktales & Legends

As the days become shorter, the nights grow longer. Autumn evenings are perfect for sharing folktales and ghost stories.