Staff Picks categorized 'foreign-films'

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Hallucinatory Horror Movies

Watch these Hallucinatory Horror movies when you want something dark for your psyche to chew on. 
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Non-traditional Holiday Movies

I’ve rounded up a handful of seasonally appropriate movies below, with something that should appeal to even the most discerning cinefile and/or saccharine-adverse. Yippee-Ki-Yay Happy Holidays!
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Dysfunctional Fun for the Holidays

If you too are visiting loved ones this holiday season, take a moment to ponder how lucky you are that you don’t belong to the following families.
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Heroes of the Holocaust

The following DVDs help to put a spotlight on just a few of the heroes of the Holocaust.
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Masterpieces of Cinematography

I see all of these films as beautiful, visually arresting, or awe inspiring. Watch any of the following titles and see if you enjoy its cinematography as much as I do.
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LGBTQ Feature Films

The Carnegie Library has a sizable LGBTQ film collection, check out some of our picks!