The Power of Story and Representation

It is essential for people of all backgrounds and experiences to learn the power of embracing their story and the importance of storytelling – no matter their niche. 

Hear Me Out: Racial Histories

Systemic racism touches all parts of life and is linked to everything from poverty, to health, to education, to incarceration. It’s a racism that doesn’t rely on racist thoughts or actions from individuals, but rather on the laws, regulations, preferences and power structures that have built up over the centuries, and that continue to harm people of color. Check out these titles to learn more about systemic racism. And if you’d like to discuss these and related issues, the Library is co-hosting a virtual event on Wednesday, May 26 as part of the ‘Hear Me Out’ Dialogue Series.

Memoirs of Pittsburgh

In these memoirs we as readers can immerse ourselves in the lives of real people who are looking back on the Pittsburghs of their past and revealing how these personal versions of our city have shaped and changed them. 

Women in Disability Rights

In these frank, intersectional memoirs, women who took a stand for disability rights explore disability, femininity, accessibility, race and, ultimately, empowerment. 

How to Be a Good Creature

We can grow so close to the animals in our lives. This seems to be especially true for naturalist/author Sy Montgomery. Her memoir centers around thirteen animals she has known, from beloved pets to wild creatures. If you’re interested in animals, or just looking for a good memoir, check out this beautiful book. 

Black and LGBTQ+ Authors

From science fiction to historical fiction and memoirs, these books portray various experiences of both Blackness and queerness.

All Boys Aren’t Blue

This memoir manifesto by cultural critic Johnson navigates Blackness, masculinity and queerness while asking readers to explore the social forces that shape their lives.