Hotel Histories

Chateau Marmont, the Plaza, the Ritz, the Savoy: these names denote luxury and excess. These iconic hotels provide a unique way to look at the histories of the cities they inhabit. Take a closer look with these books.

Recommended by PittEd Justice Collective

The PittEd Justice Collective and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh aim to make information and resources available to those seeking to self-educate and engage in productive dialogue around systemic oppression and antiracism.

Hear Me Out: Cryptocurrency

Check out these reads to help you explore the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the questions that it raises for us as consumers in regards to the future of banking, industry, and the digital divide.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

This list showcases a few of the singers, artists, dancers, writers (and one zookeeper) who helped shape our culture. Check out their stories in these beautifully illustrated books.  

Big Ideas

Here’s a list of some accessible, conversational and engaging books on philosophy, no advanced degrees required. Let’s dig in while we have the time. Or, maybe we don’t. Let’s think about what that means… 

Hear Me Out: Artificial Intelligence

Check out these titles that help you explore the current landscape of artificial intelligence, along with our concerns for inequity in the field as well as fears and hopes for future innovations.

Black Joy

Check out these books that highlight the joy, comfort, love, creativity and other positive experiences that are integral parts of the full humanity of Black lives.   

Rap & Hip-Hop Histories

The following is a list of books that look at the artistic importance of rap and hip-hop, highlighting both the high-profile hitmakers and lesser-known artists.