“Me Time” Tunes

If you need a break, and you enjoy innovative new sounds, nods to nostalgic jazz, and flawless, soulful vocals, this assortment of albums is just for you.

Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthologies

The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthologies are perfect to practice singing in the comfort of your own home. Volumes include all voice types, duets, specific songs selected for teens, and songs for children from the musical stage.

Becoming a Jackal

Becoming a Jackal is the debut long-play presentation of the songwriting of Conor J. O’Brien, an Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist with the band Villagers. Comfortable manipulating multiple harmonic forms integrated into … Continued

Tamer Animals

The first seconds of this second album by Other Lives are a steady stream of lock-step brass eighth notes quickly interrupted by a sylvan clarinet suddenly awash in a lilting … Continued

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten

After World War II there was a huge explosion in pop music being produced and performed in Cambodia. Musicians and songwriters started mixing elements of traditional music with the latest … Continued