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Imagine an immersive theme park where guests can live out Wild West stories, creating their own adventures. If this sounds intriguing, and you love theorizing and poring over details and clues, then "Westworld" is the show for you.
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BoJack Horseman

Sometimes animated shows give you all the feels. "BoJack Horseman" did this for me, and after recently finishing the last season, I came away satisfied and a little bit sad (in a good way). 
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Operatives of the Glorious Cause

Much to my delight I found that I was the direct descendant of multiple American Revolutionary War veterans
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The Book of Books

The Book of Books by Jessica Allen is the companion book for the PBS series The Great American Read.  The book is packed with interesting facts about America's favorite books and authors. James Patterson writes 365 days a year. James Baldwin fell in love with books as a child when he would roam libraries rather than risk being abused at home by his step-father. When Toni Morrison's Beloved failed…
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Marveling Through Winter

Blockbuster films based on comic book characters are nothing new. Over the last few years these films have gotten even more intense...
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Star Trek: The Original Series

In an era when humans are poised on the edge of forever, Star Trek: The Original Series offers timeless lessons for our exploratory species.
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Where are they now?

Life is not always easy for child actors once their time in the spotlight is gone.  The co-author of X Child Stars was once a child star herself.  Kathy Garver played Cissy in Family Affair and personally knew many of the child actors of the 60's and 70's.  She often interjects herself into many of the stories that have been collected.  It is interesting to…