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From Books to Bars with Frzy! A New Project by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Emmy Award-Winning Rapper Frzy Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

31 videos in 31 days will shine the light on children's books, with an emphasis on highlighting Black, Brown and LGBTQIA+ authors

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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Emmy award-winning rapper Frzy are bringing attention to children’s books that speak out against hate and judgement. From Books to Bars with Frzy!  video series will drop new content every day throughout the month of May — 31 videos in total on Instagram <@frzy> and TikTok <@therapperfrzy>. In addition, the Library will update Frzy’s Staff Picks daily as each video is released at, as well as curate a playlist for all 31 videos on their YouTube channel.

The project aims to shed light on stories that make a difference and center around Black, Brown and LGBTQIA+ authors, illustrators, and their supporters whose voices are disproportionately silenced during attacks on inclusive literature and learning. The first video, featuring the book, What If… by Samantha Berger will debut on Monday, May 1st.

Frzy, who is now based out of L.A., grew up visiting the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branch in East Liberty. “With books under attack, I just wanted to take my spot on the front lines as we fight back,” said Frzy. “If music is a universal language, then books are the accents. As they say, ‘a child who reads is an adult who thinks.’ I’m here to see that it happens and shine a light on these amazing and beautiful books that are otherwise trying to be kept in the dark.”

The project name connects to the unit of measurement in rap and hip-hop, known as a “BAR.” A rapper’s skill level, experience, and ability to tell a story is judged by their lyrical prowess… or in others words “BARS.” The 31 children’s books chosen for the project are written in a rhyming pattern, with each sentence considered a “BAR.”

The videos feature Frzy reading a passage aloud from each book and deconstructing the unique lyrical wordplay and rhyming style of each author, through his musical lens and delivery — specifically through “BARS.” Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer Delroy “D-Roy” Andrews and award-winning British voiceover artist Mark Ryes provide the beat and voice for the videos.

A 2018 Emmy Award winner for his work with WQED on a hip hop remake of Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Frzy is noted as the third rapper in history to win the award. In 2020 he set a Guinness World Record for longest freestyle rap at 31 hours. A Grammy nominee in 2023, he is member of The Recording Academy/GRAMMYS & Recording Academy/GRAMMYS board member for the Philadelphia Chapter. Raised in Pittsburgh, has been honored with an annual Frzy Day in Pittsburgh (January 11th) and a mural of his likeness in Braddock, PA.

“Children’s books tend to have a natural rhyming pattern,” said Carnegie Library President & Director Andrew Medlar. “There is a certain joy that comes from playing with language and being able to celebrate both in the written and musical form.  We are thrilled to collaborate with Frzy to embrace books about people of all backgrounds and identities, seeking and expressing ideas, and discovering stories that resonate with the diverse communities we serve. Because, now more than ever, it is important that we amplify all voices.”

View a preview of the collaboration here: Instagram & Facebook.



About Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - To Foster Literacy, Enable Exploration and Create Connections with Our Neighbors

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh supports individual and collective achievement, access to knowledge, and a sense of joy and belonging. Through the community’s investment, the Library is enhancing the lives of people in the greater Pittsburgh region with dynamic and diverse resources such as creative learning programs for children and teens, job and career assistance for our community's workforce, and free computer and Internet access for all. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh builds community, enables learning, provides access and values people.

About Frzy
Frzy is a 2018 Emmy Award winner; noted as the 3rd rapper in history to win an Emmy Award. A 2020 Guinness World Record holder for longest freestyle rap at 31 hours. A Grammy nominee in 2023, he is member of The Recording Academy/GRAMMYS & Recording Academy/GRAMMYS board member for the Philadelphia Chapter. Frzy has also joined the board of directors of The Lindsay Theater and Cultural Center. He has been honored with an annual Frzy Day in Pittsburgh and a mural of his likeness in Braddock, PA. He's done this all while being the face of Steve Madden's “SelfMade” Campaign and a model for Calvin Klein. Through various projects he has helped raise over $1 million for charity including $60,000 for the Tree of Life, the location of the largest anti-Semitic mass shooting. Instagram <@frzy>, TikTok <@therapperfrzy>, and Facebook .

About Delroy "D-Roy" Andrews (beat)
D-Roy Andrews is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer who has made a name for himself in the music industry with his exceptional talent and creative vision. With a discography that includes production and songwriting credits for some of the most iconic names in music, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, among others. As the founder of Art & Life Productions, D-Roy has an innate ability to discover and cultivate emerging cutting-edge artists with world-class talent and commercial potential. With a fearless and inspired approach to music creation, D-Roy is a highly sought after producer, songwriter, and music executive who is revered for his exceptional talent, diverse musical background, and forward-thinking approach to music creation. His broad skill set, which encompasses everything from songwriting and vocal production to and sound engineering, makes him a valuable asset to any team. With a passion for all things music-related, he is a true tastemaker who is constantly pushing the boundaries and staying at the forefront of the industry.

About Mark Ryes (voiceover)
Mark Ryes is an award-winning British male voiceover artist with over 40 years of experience as a voiceover artist and TV presenter. He began his performing career hosting shows all the way back in the ‘80s. His television work was about as varied as possible, presenting for The Children’s Channel, hosting game shows for ITV and working as a reporter for BBC Radio Four – he's certainly learned he is able to talk to just about any audience. He quickly moved on to live television hosting, where he's racked up over 4,000 hours of live TV experience in his tenure on live shopping television. His ability to deliver fluent, clear, and exciting commentary to viewers, with a good dose of ad-lib to fill the gaps, is something that has allowed him to thrive in the intense live TV environment and harness that same energy in his vocal performances.




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