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Library Services – at a Distance

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We miss seeing your face in our spaces. We miss being part of your neighborhood. We miss being part of your family’s routine. We miss each and every one of you.

The Library is faced with a very complex and unprecedented situation. We are all eager to resume our daily activities as soon as possible, but is is clear that COVID-19 and the impacts on our community will remain with us for the foreseeable future. Each day we grapple with questions about how this pandemic is affecting and will continue to affect library service moving forward. What will our services look like? How will social distancing impact our spaces? What is the best way to handle and ship circulating materials? How do we support our community during this time?

Opening up our system’s physical spaces will be deliberate and will follow the guidelines of health officials and the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. Our priority is to limit exposure and spread of COVID-19. While we don’t know when we will resume in-person services just yet, rest assured that we are thinking about how we can provide access to materials and resources within these new constraints when that time comes.

Brian, our Safety and Security Manager snapped this image the other day during his rounds.

It is stark contrast to the vibrancy that resonated throughout our buildings prepandemicPeople are the heart of every library, and while we can’t be with you in person, our staff is working to make sure the  Library is here for you – albeit – at a distance.

Please reach out to us via chat, info@carnegielibrary.org, or leave a message at 412-622-3114 to schedule a phone appointment with a librarian. We are currently offering the following services over the phone: 

A businesslibrarian can help you use ourdatabases and other online resource to do research for a small business, including:

* Business plans
* Industry research
*  Market research

Librarians are available to help you search and apply for jobs online, and prepare a resume, including:

* Cover letter review
* Mock interview
* Online job search/application
* Resume review

Device Help
Librarians canhelp you learn to use your device to accessCLP resources (eBooks, databases, etc.),includingany of the following:

* Tablet
* Smartphone
*  EReaders
* Computer

Digital Literacy
Librarians canoffer help with a limited selection of digital literacy topics. While we cannottroubleshoot issues with your individual device or provide support for specific applications, we can assist with:

* Registering an email account
* Finding information online
* Finding or navigating a website
Writing and editing a document in Word

Librarians can help nonprofit organizations seek grant funding using the Foundation Directory Online.   

Thank you for helping us get through this difficult time.   

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Suzanne Thinnes Manager, Communications

Suzanne Thinnes