Gale Presents: Udemy

Thu., Nov. 5
Gale Presents: Udemy is an online learning platform that provides instruction for adults who want to upskill for a new job, advance in their current profession, or deepen a personal interest. Gale Presents: Udemy connects you to more than 6,000 video-based courses in business, technology, software, and personal development—and nearly 2,000 courses are taught by instructors in their native language (French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and…


Fri., Oct. 5
This resource is only available from within a CLP location. Knovel provides access to a wide range of handbooks and other reference works in engineering (chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, materials and biotechnology), chemistry and biochemistry, earth and environmental sciences among other areas. You may search within a particular work, or across the entire Knovel collection. Searching may be done by keyword, or by numeric data…

InfoTrac Student Edition

Fri., Aug. 3
Gale's InfoTrac Student Edition provides secondary school students with access to age-appropriate content from magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books, covering a wide range of subjects, from science, history, and literature to political science, sports, and environmental studies.

Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (GREENR)

Fri., Aug. 3
GREENR focuses on the study of sustainability and the environment. It provides news, background information, video, commentaries, primary source documents and statistics in relevant topic areas such as energy systems, healthcare, food, climate change, population, economic development, etc.

General OneFile

Fri., Aug. 3
Gale's General OneFile is a general interest periodical resource, offering more than 8,000 titles. With millions of articles available in PDF and HTML full-text, the collection is also supplemented by reference, newspaper, and audio content.


Mon., Nov. 6
Develop basic computer skills through a series of interactive video trainings. Offers resources on accessing the Internet, using a mouse and keyboard, creating an email account, and more. Trainings are offered in Spanish and English.


Fri., May. 20
Learn how to use the internet safely with interactive e-books designed for children, teens, and their parents.

Scientific American

Fri., Apr. 15
This resource is only available from inside Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Full text archives of Scientific American beginning in 1845 through 2005. Select archive from the content menu on the left side (right under the title heading.) In the center of the page, under Issues, select the appropriate time span, or if you have a citation, use the search box in the upper right of…

Science Reference Center

Fri., Apr. 15
Full-text articles from science encyclopedias, reference books and magazines; lesson plans, science experiments, and more.