Curbside Printing

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Staff Image

We are pleased to announce that printing is now available at our curbside locations.

Please read these instructions carefully to make sure that your print job will be ready when you arrive:

First Step: Send your file to the printer.

There are two secure ways for you to send your file to the printer at the library of your choice.

Send it as an email attachment (the subject line can be blank) using one of the addresses below:


Send it using a form:

Next Step: Call the library to schedule pickup.

Please contact your pickup location to schedule a time to retrieve your print. When you call, the staff will retrieve your print to make sure that the print job arrived. Some locations do not require an appointment, but calling ahead always helps.

Last Step: Pick up your print at the scheduled time.

Call the library once again (using the same number as above) when you are outside the library at your scheduled pickup time.