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Digital Skills with DigitalLearn

Technology is changing all the time. It’s hard to know where to start when you decide to try something new. Many of us are learning how to access health information online or safely communicate with others so we can quarantine and socially distance. If you’re learning new skills to use technology, the Library is here to support your growth and ability to use these tools. DigitalLearn is a great resource for those who are getting started or looking to discover tech tips and tools. You don’t need a Library card to get started but will need to have access to a device with internet. 

DigitalLearn is a web-based resource and available via Internet-connected PC or device, no downloads needed. It helps you build your computer skills and unlock your potential to improve your digital literacy. Most modules contain step-by-step videos and printable instructions. DigitalLearn courses are 10-15 minutes total, broken into several short lessons of 2-4 minutes each. Several short lessons or activities help you develop your skills for each topic. The content is designed for you to go at your own pace. You can repeat or review the videos and save the instructions to refer to them at a later time.  

DigitalLearn doesn’t just get you started using technology. It helps you understand other important topics related to technology and growing your digital literacy. In addition to basic computer information you can learn more about the following topics:

  • Internet privacy and online scams
  • Online health information
  • Creating a budget in Excel
  • Job skills
  • Online shopping
  • And more!

There’s so much to learn in a time when things change quickly, especially with technology. But you’re not alone in your learning, and the Library has a team of trained staff ready to support your digital skills. Almost every month we host a menu of live Virtual Computer Basics programs. Check out our line-up here. We even have a course developed to help you access DigitalLearn and explore what is available in the modules to get you started. We offer monthly programs, but we are here to support your growth and help you accomplish your tech goals at your convenience in our one-on-one appointments with a Librarian. Interested in booking a one-on-one to learn new digital skills or chart your path forward using technology (including learning about DigitalLearn!)? Get in touch with us:

  • Call – 412.622.3114
  • Chat – Visit our website and chat by selecting this icon: Online chat icon featuring speech bubble with three dots
  • Text – 412.775.3900
  • Email –
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