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Donald Glover, the Triple Threat

Recently, actor Donald Glover won two Golden Globes for his new TV show Atlanta, which is one of my favorite TV shows that debuted last fall.  Glover is a man of many talents. In addition to acting, he’s also a rapper and goes by the moniker, Childish Gambino. Back in December, Glover released his third album called Awaken, My Love. This album is vastly different from his previous albums, Camp and Because The Internet. Glover is known primarily as a rapper who sometimes sings but on this album he doesn’t rap at all. It was a surprising change, but it works.

Awaken, My Love sounds like something that would’ve been released back in the ’70s. It has a heavy funk and R&B sound. The album has an alternative sound to it as well. One of the standout tracks on the album is “Baby Boy”. On the song, Gambino sings about a relationship that has ended and how he doesn’t want to lose his son because of it. The song is very emotional and the sound that keeps repeating at the end of the chorus is almost gut wrenching, because it sounds like Gambino is being hit in the stomach by this pain. One track that I like is called “California”  The song talks about a girl that Gambino knows who is moving to California. I like the beat because it makes me want to dance. “Terrified” is also a good track.

My favorite track, and what I think is the best track on the album, is “Redbone”.  When I heard people talk about this song on the Internet a lot of people said that it reminded them of Prince. After hearing the song once I agreed. This song is the perfect blend of funk and R&B. I love it so much. On the song, Gambino sings about a girl that is taking too long give him a chance in a relationship. His performance of this song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was amazing. If you don’t listen to the entire album, at least listen to “Redbone”.

I really enjoyed this album. It is available in our catalog. While Glover’s new show Atlanta isn’t available in our catalog, you can check his previous acting work on the TV show Community.

Happy listening and watching!


Kayla works at Squirrel Hill as a Clerk, so when you come up to the customer services desk you might see her face! When she’s not at the library she enjoys reading, watching TV & listening to music. You might also find her at your local Starbucks, because she loves her Frappuccinos.



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