Transforming the Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians (LAMP)

Computer generated graphic of proposed floor renovations for the Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvania.

As LAMP continues to grow as a center for learning and community engagement, the Library has embarked upon a renovation plan to transform approximately 11,000 square feet into a welcoming, innovative and fully accessible space for patrons and volunteers of all ages and abilities.

This renovation will create public spaces and meeting rooms where everyone can work comfortably, socialize and enjoy reading for life. In addition, an updated call and work center will allow library professionals to engage with patrons remotely from across the Commonwealth.

We are excited to create a space that reflects LAMP’s impact throughout our state and the future of equitable library service for all. We invite you to be a part of our vision. Together we can create a vibrant center of reading, learning, culture and civic engagement.