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Black Skin, White Tights: Discussion on Racial Diversity in Classical Dance

Three Black ballerinas wearing red dresses mid-performance
In the nearly 500 years since ballet began in the courts of the Italian Renaissance, principal ballerinas and ballerinos of color have remained elusive and in short supply. Joined by co-writer of Black Ballerina Tim Rhoze, The conversation will feature input from co-writer of Black Ballerina Tim Rhoze, International Association of Blacks in Dance and Hill Dance Academy Theatre founders Ayisha and Veronica Morgan-Lee, HDAT faculty Leslie Anderson Braswell and Joni Carroll, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Educational Director Kati Gigle.
Hill Dance Academy Theatre, Home of Ju.B.Lation Spirit Filled Feet, was founded in 2005 by Ayisha Morgan-Lee to provide children, youth, and teens, ages 3 to 18, access and opportunity to dance. The founding mission is to develop and train dancers in Black Dance Traditions, expand knowledge and contributions of Black Dance Traditions, and create emerging Dance Artists who will sustain Black Dance in the Black community.

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