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Online Book Discussion: Dare to Speak

Cover art for "Dare to Speak" by Suzanne Nossel with photo of author positioned left.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is hosting video book discussions for community members interested in reading and conversing on Suzanne Nossel’s new book, Dare to Speak: Defending Free Speech for All prior to her virtual conversation in Pittsburgh. Participants will receive a free copy of the book, an invitation to the online book discussion on August 13th, and a ticket/virtual link to the public program on August 20th. This opportunity is open to 150 readers; each discussion group will be limited to 25 participants. 

We look forward to an energizing dialogue surrounding this topic. The following bulleted items explain the timeline and registration process:

  • Those who are interested in receiving a FREE copy of this book and can commit to the virtual discussion in August will need to complete this form no later than July 27th. 
  • The publishing date for Dare to Speak is July 28th. By July 31stbooks should arrive to Mystery Lovers Bookshop, who will then make them available for curbside pick-up and/or shipped directly to participants based on their form preferences. 
  • August 3rd4th: Books will arrive by mail to those who requested shipping to their home. The times for the book discussion will also be confirmed at this time.
  • August 4th-12th: Read the book and come up with a few questions, both for the discussion as well as any you have for the author (those will be sent to her ahead of time and may be answered during the taped conversation). 
  • Thursday, August 13th: Virtual book discussion will take place. 
  • Thursday, August 20th: Virtual author event (all book discussion participants will receive a link to the recorded discussion). 

Register for ‘Dare to Speak’ Online Book Discussion by 7/27/20

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