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Data 101: Mapping


Mapping is a great way to visualize and analyze information – and to tell stories. In this installment of Data 101, you’ll learn the principles of mapmaking using the latest in paper and marker-based technologies. You’ll learn how computers are used to plot addresses on a map, conduct basic spatial analysis, and update records in a database based on location. Along with a deeper appreciation for computers, this class will provide you with a solid foundation of mapping concepts and processes when you are ready to take your first computer-based mapping class.

No computers will be used in this class, and there are no prerequisites.


The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh are partnering on a “Data 101” training series designed to build information literacy, mapping, and data visualization skills for people looking to get started in using data, or more experienced users looking to brush up on their skills.


CLP – Beechview

CLP – Beechview

1910 Broadway Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15216

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