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“Hear Me Out” Dialogue Series: Does My Vote Count?

Hear Me Out

Do you know your fellow library patrons? Are you interested in joining an authentic learning space with fellow patrons across Pennsylvania? The Free Library is excited to introduce Hear Me Out: a digital, facilitated dialogue series that connects Pennsylvanians to each other through brave and authentic conversations. 

In partnership with libraries across the state and the Pittsburgh community, we will join together across distance and difference to uplift and honor the range of Pennsylvanians’ lived experiences.  

Join us on October 27 at 5:30 p.m.!

In partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia, The first Hear Me Out dialogue, “Does My Vote Count?“, explores participant’s relationships with voting in light of the upcoming election. The session will explore personal and familial experiences with voting and how this connects to trust in the voting system. Participants can expect questions that will probe lived experiences around voting, such as: 

  • Were your grandparents able to vote? 
  • What ideas about voting did you hear in your home growing up? 
  • What are your hopes and fears when it comes to voting in the upcoming election?

Registration for this event is required. 


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