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In the Workshop: Hustle and Heal with Darwin and Seven Dee

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HUSTLE with Darwin

Darwin (aka Fallon MacWilliams) wears many hats: founder of international PR agency Hustle, label head, promoter, and co-founder of Clean Scene. She has worked for over a decade helping shape careers while successfully touring as a DJ, with residencies across Berlin and Mexico City.

In this workshop, Fallon gives advice on building up your artist profile and reviews common misunderstandings and mistakes that artists can make with promotion. She will also go over the importance of sustainability in the industry and ways to give back to music communities as an artist.

HEAL with Seven Dee

Our educator Dee (7D) is a local experimental composer and performance artist who performs under the name “bruiser beep.” They compose swelling epics of bass-heavy, dissonant electronic soundscapes with loose, deconstructed melodies, and dramatic vocals that are as playful as karaoke and as anguishing as the opera.

In “Emotional Processing Through Processed Music” you’ll learn how to do a lot with very little. Incorporating music therapy techniques and Orff Method for experimental music, this workshop offers both constructive and abstract ways to create music that is healing, and makes the experimentation process enjoyable using library gear. This is an all levels, neuro-divergent friendly workshop!


Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

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