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International Storyteller Donna Washington presents Under the Baobab Tree

Storyteller Donna Washington among a pile of picture books with text "Virtual Storytime with Donna Washington."

On Monday, February 1, 2021, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is opening its virtual doors to the international storyteller, Donna Washington!

Tune in to our blog post here on Monday, February 1 as Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hosts Donna Washington for a virtual storytelling event!

Donna is a highly animated performer, able to captivate even the hardest-to-make-sit-still audiences. For over thirty years, she has been inspiring audiences with folklore, literacy tales and personal narratives.

In addition to being a “Walking Disney Movie” (yes, she has been called that!), Donna takes pride in being an educator. She provides a wide variety of workshops and trainings on subjects like the research of language and literacy, incorporating creative assignments and storytelling techniques.

More so, Donna also continuously educates on Black history. She writes excerpts and spotlights Black individuals that have contributed to history. But what Donna Washington really excels at is bringing African folklore to life, telling stories of overcoming fear, problem-solving and positive racial identity.

To read more about Donna’s message, view Donna’s work and watch her storytelling, visit her website.

This special storytelling event will be available for a limited window, which begins February 1, 2021 at 12 pm, through February 7, 2021.



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