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Learning Differently: Remote Work Tips from the LDAOPA

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The goal of this presentation is to help people with learning differences who are struggling while working from home. The sudden shift to working from home has been a challenge for many, and there are special difficulties for the one in five people who have learning differences. We will discuss why working from home can be so difficult, and then teach skills we can utilize to make it better. Collin will share his personal experience with learning differences and how he is managing working from home. He will share advice on how to develop techniques to stay on task, create an at-home work environment that works best for you, and how to self-advocate when seeking accommodations you need for your new work environment. Working from home is hard for so many of us, but we can get through it together.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Collin Diedrich has a PhD in Molecular Virology and Microbiology from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, a Certificate in Disability Legal Studies from University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is a scientist researching how HIV changes immunological responses to tuberculosis. He completed two postdoctoral fellowships, one at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a second at University of Pittsburgh. Collin is currently a research scientist at the University of Pittsburgh. Collin has multiple learning disabilities and personally understands how thinking differently can be a struggle and a gift.

Collin is an advocate, author, and professional speaker ( for people who have learning disabilities and ADHD. Collin advocates the importance of finding your jet packs (i.e. allies and techniques used to overcome barriers in life)! Collin is also a board member of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. He is also the founder and president of Learning Disabilities Association of Pennsylvania (LDA of PA, LDA of PA is dedicated to helping people who learn differently succeed by increasing neuro-diversity in STEM, teaching kids how to overcome negative stigmas of learning disabilities through improv comedy, teaching workplaces how to be accessible to everyone, and by running multi-sensory reading and math instruction classes.

Dr. Diedrich believes everyone has a talent and everyone has a gift! He wants to help you find yours.

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