Sounds Upstairs: Old Song Rescue Society

Main (Oakland)
Three members of the Old Song Rescue Society singing ensemble smile at the camera


David Mahler, Julia Mente, and Julie Hanify liberate songs that want to be heard but seldom are. This Pittsburgh trio’s unaccompanied vocal wares include parlor pieces, rounds easy and fancy, folk and composed numbers, and a state song or two, all shining with taut harmonies and tangled counterpoint. Old songs? Some of these songs show their age, but others are old only in an intensive, affectionate sort of way, like an old pal, one who you’ve just met for the first time.


CLP – Main (Oakland) – North Wing Music Room, Second Floor

CLP – Main (Oakland) – North Wing Music Room, Second Floor

4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15213


Main – Music

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