Sunday Afternoon Music Series Presents Bill MacKay

Main (Oakland)

Bill MacKay is a musician and a musician’s friend – a genial guitarist/composer/improviser based in Chicago who has energized the experimental folk, rock and avant scenes with his polyglot approach to the guitar, combining the folk of Appalachia, the blues and gospel with rock, jazz, western-country and an array of eastern modes.  The dynamic singularity with which Bill ties his interests together is the key to his music, an effortless combination of wide-ranging elements that evokes a warm view of the world around us.

Esker is the newest solo effort from MacKay, a rich and easygoing reminder that the American guitar tradition is a vast and detailed one. Both Chicago-style and desert-swept blues, western swing, Americana and a little bit of ambient Appalachia are woven throughout its tracks…… a satisfying sunset to end the day.”

– Lars Gotrich, NPR’s All Songs Considered


CLP – Main (Oakland) – Quiet Reading Room

CLP – Main (Oakland) – Quiet Reading Room

4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213

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