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VOICE: Affordable Housing Toolkit w/ PublicSource

East Liberty

The term “affordable housing” is tossed around a lot in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, but many discussions leave ambiguity about what the term actually means. In an effort to demystify this topic, PublicSource has teamed up with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to offer a two-hour course on affordable housing.

Join PublicSource contributor Meg St-Esprit to learn a condensed history of housing in Pittsburgh, the current concerns for affordability in the metro area and what options are available.

Topics covered will include:

  • What does “affordable housing” mean?
  • How did we get here? What is the history of housing in Pittsburgh?
  • Who needs affordable housing the most?
  • What can the government do to secure affordable housing for those who need it?
  • What types of affordable housing options are available in Pittsburgh?
  • What barriers to affordable housing is the city facing?
  • What data do I need to know about housing in Pittsburgh?
  • Where can someone in need of affordable housing look?
  • How can I help fellow community members access affordable housing?

Register here.

This session will run at four locations around the city in July 2019.
Note: These are four identical sessions, not four sequential installments.

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CLP – East Liberty

CLP – East Liberty

130 S. Whitfield Street Pittsburgh PA 15206

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