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Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society: The Life of Colonel William Crawford

Main (Oakland)

Colonel William Crawford was a surveyor and soldier who accompanied George Washington on surveying trips in Western Pennsylvania and served with him during the Braddock expedition in 1755. He later served with Washington during the French and Indian War. Crawford lived in what is now Connellsville, PA. He earned the rank of colonel during the American Revolution, where he commanded a regiment from Virginia. Crawford was killed by Native Americans in 1782 in retaliation for a massacre of other Native Americans by Pennsylvania militiamen.

This lecture is presented by Dr. Miles Richards, president of the Elizabeth Township Historical Society. The presentation is free and open to the public.


CLP – Main (Oakland) – 3rd Floor Conference Room

CLP – Main (Oakland) – 3rd Floor Conference Room

4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213

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