World Kaleidoscope Presents Bočiai

Main (Oakland)

“Bočiai” means “ancestors” in Lithuanian, which is one of the oldest languages in the world. The singing group is sponsored by the Lithuanian Citizens Society of Western Pennsylvania, and the choir has helped to keep alive Lithuanian culture in our region for more than a century. Bočiai’s program is interactive and requires help from audience members. With the use of simple props and even simpler dance steps, Bočiai will bring to life stories about work, battle and romance from the land of amber. Listeners will have a chance to try out a few words in an ancient language and learn a few things about a small country where singing is as much a part of daily life as breathing.


CLP – Main (Oakland) – North Wing Music Room, Second Floor

CLP – Main (Oakland) – North Wing Music Room, Second Floor

4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15213


Main – Music

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