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“Kin & Kind” – Digital Drawings by Sam Thorp

Artists Statement:

This show celebrates our hometown’s diversity. Rustbelt and Rainbows depicted in a classical formal portrait style. The glitter and the calluses, each one, worthy individual subjects. In today’s climate I feel it is important to represent the connection between the Pittsburgh Queer community as part of the larger Pittsburgh community. Blue collar, black & gold and glitter.

I do drawings in a classical technique with a digital pad. I aim for sweeping gestural lines with expressive use of color. Each drawing is then printed out making it a “print” similar to a photograph “print” printed from a digital file.

I have shown and sold my work locally with PERSAD, the Warhol Museum, The Westmoreland Museum of Art, The Toonseum, & Gallery Chiz. I have shown internationally with the NYC VisualAids, Loud & Queer in CA, Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art, Hyperallergic Aart, CPOP in Detroit, REform gallery in the UK, as well as many private clients world wide.

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