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Learn ASL with the Library in 2021!

2020 has been a year. I won’t list the ways, because we’re still going through it and it has been uniquely challenging for all of us.

However, one thing I’m absolutely looking forward to in 2021 is a gem of a program brought to us by Lend an Ear Consulting principal consultant and founder Michelle Walker. Michelle will be leading a 6-week (6 week!) adult ASL course that meets once per week from Tuesday January 12 to Tuesday February 16th that will be free (free!) through the library!

To quote Michelle, “inclusion for all is a way to ensure fairness, and increase accessibility for those who may be deaf/Hard of Hearing, or communicate differently.” With that in mind, Michelle will be leading us in this 6 week ASL workshop while also sharing much more about inclusion and accessibility, and how we can all have a 2021 with this in mind.

She also shares that learning ASL can improve cognition and raise IQ. Sign me up!

Whether you’re a member of the deaf/Hard of Hearing community or seeking to learn more about communication to reduce barriers in communication, this will be a wonderful class. It will have something for those looking to learn a new skill, or those looking to learn for work (ASL is popular among childcare providers for its myriad benefits to development). Learning ASL is a great way to kick off a new year!

This class is currently full, but we’re gauging interest by keeping the waitlist open. Register here to join the waitlist and be notified about future ASL classes!

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