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Having trouble with homework? Miss coming to the library to get help from a librarian or a Reading Buddy? We’ve got a great resource for you that you can access at home!

CLP cardholders can access through the Library’s Homework & Testing page from noon until midnight every day to get help from a real, live tutor! This resource is for kindergarten through college-level students who need help with English, math, science, social studies, or even finding a also has resources for helping with essay writing, skills building, GED prep, and other tutoring services designed specifically for youth and adults. 

Working with a tutor on is easy! If you want to share a math problem you can simply take a picture of it with your device and upload it so that tutor can see what you’re working on (click “share file”)The tutor can then talk you through how to solve the problem (just click “Start Audio” once you’re connected with a tutor). You can even share your screen with the tutor so they can see exactly what you are working on. If you especially like working with a tutor you can mark them as a favorite, so if they are available the next time you log-in you will be paired with them.  

Want feedback on a paper you’ve written? You can upload it to to receive detailed feedback within 12 hours! You can also drop off a math question to receive step-by-step instructions on how to solve it (sent to you within 24 hours). This resource has so much to offer to online learners!  

Once you’ve logged in with your library card, you can click on “Take a Tour” located at the bottom of the home page, to see all the features offers. When they are closed, visit the SkillsCenter™ resource library for study resourcestest prep resources & career resources!

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