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Making Rainbows out of Rain: What To Do with Pittsburgh’s Wet Weather

Remember when it rained for 2 weeks straight??

I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of that dreary weather, so take a look at these 5 suggestions to keep your head above water (see what I did there?) during times of endless rainfall in the burgh.

  1. Take in a movie – the Library has a HUGE collection of DVDs, from foreign films to bestsellers to local productions filmed in or about Pittsburgh… all that’s missing is the tub of popcorn and person sitting near you who talks through the entire movie :p  

  2. Invest in a rain barrel! You can keep your plants and lawn happy and healthy for MONTHS with a 50-gallon water vessel, and once it’s installed, you can literally sit back and watch it do all the work. Your water bill will thank you when it starts getting REALLY hot and dry out. Check out these books from our catalog to make your own rain barrel here.

  3. Cooking & Baking – Rainy weather makes a great companion for quality time in the kitchen. Dust off some never-before tried recipes, utilize that Crock-Pot you got for Christmas, or treat yourself to some delicious comfort food. Hint hint: The Library has a marvelous cooking collection, both in print as well as online!
    View of a young girl stirring up a batch of cupcakes | Photo from Kingsley Association Records, 1894-1980, Historic Pittsburgh

  4. Participate in a Library program – The Library is THE place to spend hours in when the weather is terrible. Free WiFi, lots of seating choices, and best of all, a variety of programs and events you can attend solo or with the family!Checkout this link to see what’s scheduled near you.

  5. Take a nap – you earned it, and the weather is perfect for some cozy zzz’s (especially with pets!).


What do YOU do to keep the rainy day blues away? Comment below with some of your go-to favorites. 


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