Dance Orchestra Sheet Music Collection

Consisting of close to 300 titles, this collection of dance orchestra music parts likely reflects what might have been heard on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before live orchestras were replaced with recorded music. Established in 1920, KDKA describes itself as the first commercial radio station in the United States.

Titles published in Pittsburgh and/or composed by a known Pittsburgh composer are marked with an asterisk (*).

The following is a complete list of the pieces contained in the collection. To access the Dance Orchestra Sheet Music Collection, please come to the Music Department at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Contact the Music Department with any questions.

Phone: 412-622-3105

Composer Title # of parts Pittsburgh?
Abrahams, Maurice He'd have to get under 12
Adams, A. Emmett Bells of St. Mary's 14
Adams, R. G. On a honeymoon with you 11 *
Alden, John La veeda 14
Adams, R. G. Home waltz 11 *
Alford, Harry L. Imp 12
Van Alstyne & Gumble Pretty baby 12
Styne, Jule Together wherever we go 19
Ancliffe, Charles Nights of gladness 12
Anderson, Will R. Take it from me 11
Marr, Al Only a rose in no man's land 12
Penn, Wm. H. Dance of the bobolinks 16
Asher, Emil Daughter of heaven, The 12
Bagley, E. E. National Emblem march 12
Ball, Ernest R. All the world will be jealous of me 12
Ball, Ernest R. Dear little boy 14
Ball, Ernest R. In the garden of my heart 12
Ball, Ernest R. Till the sands of the desert grow cold 11
Barnard, Geo. D. Miriam gavotte 12
Barth, John Frat 12 ?
Berlin, Irving / Donaldson, Walter My bird of paradise / Kentucky home 12
Berlin, Irving Somebody's coming to my house 12
Wells, Jack Joan of Arc 13
Berlin, Irving Come along to toy town; Good-bye France 13
Berlin, Irving Along came Ruth 12
Berlin, Irving When I leave the world behind 12
Berlin, Irving Tell me little gypsy 15
Berlin, Irving This is the life 12
Berlin, Irving Was there ever a pal like you 12
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie Perfect day, A (2 copies) 11
Braham, Edmund Army and Navy 12
Brooks, E. P. Hearts desire 11
Brown, Arthur L. Royal trumpeters, The 10
Caddigan, Jack & Brennan, Jas. A. Rose of no man's land, The 12
Caddigan & Story Salvation lassie of mine 11
Carlo, Monte & Sanders, Alma M. That tumble down shack in Althone 13
Carroll, Harry You keep your eye on me 12
Clayton, Will Watch, hope and wait little girl 12
Clothilde Eglantine 11
Clutterham, Ethel Isle of Joy 12
Conrad, Con Oh! Frenchy 12 *
Corless & Crerie Call to peace, The 13 *
Cunningham, Paul & Monaco, James V. When the Robert E. Lee arrives in old Tennessee 13
Dabney, Ford T. Castle valse classique 11
Daniels, G. F. Ideal overture 12
Danks, H. P. Paraphrase 13 *
David, Sara Where the brown eyed daisies grow 7 *
Davis & Prival Lullaby land 12 ?
Davies, Ed. J. Tempus fugit march 16
Davis, M. A. E. Arbutus 11
De Canne & Gaskill In the heart of a rose 12
Deppen, Jessie L. Skylark 12
Devaux, Jules Rhodora 11
De Voll, Cal Rose of Araby 11
Donaldson, Walter How 'ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm 13
Donaldson, Walter & Clarke, Grant My little bimbo 12
Donaldson, Walter You're a milion miles from nowhere 13
Dyke, Lowell Oriole, The 12
Eugene, Max C. Cupid's garden 12
Erdman, Ernie Violin my great-grand-daddy made, The 12
Edwards, Leo. Isle d'amore 12
Earl, Mary Beautiful Ohio 12 *
Fischer, Fred. Norway 12
Fischer, Fred. Peg o' my heart 12
Fischer, Fred. Red lantern, The 12
Fischer, Fred. There's a little spark of love still burning 13
Ford, Abbie A. Juno waltz 12
Franklin & Spencer Will o' wisp 12
Frantzen, Henry College life 12
Freeman, Harold B. Lullaby time 12
Freeman, Harold B. Silver butterfly 13
Frey, Hugo Mary 13
Friedrich, F. W. E. American brass band journal 5
Friedland & Gumble Perfume of the flowers, The; Lend me your heart and I'll lend you mine 12
Friedman & Williams Meet me to night in dreamland 12 *
Friml, Rudolf Sometime 14
Geibel, Adam Up to date 11 *
Gilbert, Jean My lady of the telephone 12
Gilbert, L. Wolfe & Morgan, Carey My Hawaiian sunshine 12
Gillham, Art You've stolen the key to my heart 11
Glynn, Forbes Dream visions 11
Goodman, Lillian Rosedale Cherie, I love you 16
Green, George Hamilton American pep 16
Greenawald, John L. American conquest 12
Greenawald, John L. Marine band 13
Grimm, C. A. Dawn of spring 12
Hall, Milt. H. / Klohr, John N. American jockey march / Billboard march, The 13
Hall, R. B. Officer of the day march 13
Green, George Hamilton Some-day down in Caroline 9
Hanley, James F. Rose of Washington Square 14
Hanson, Ethwell Golden glow 12
Herbert, Victor I might be your once-in-a-while 12 *
Herbert, Victor Kiss me again 14 *
Heath & Black What do you want with me 12
Heller, M. Sunset on the St. Lawrence 12
Hickman, Art & Black, Ben Hold me 13
Hirsch, Louis A. Love nest, The 11
Hirsch, Louis A. My rainbow girl 14
Holmes, G. E. Isle of Palms, The 13
Holzmann, Abe Love-land 10
Holzmann, Abe Old faithful 12
Holzmann, Abe Spirit of independence 12
Holzmann, Abe Whip, The 12
Holzmann, Abe Winning fight, The 12
Holzmann, Abe Yankee grit 12
Hoschna, Karl Madame Sherry 12
Howard, Joseph E. Somewhere in France is the lily 12
Howard, M. Bertrand Autumn leaves 12 *
Howard, M. Bertrand Daybreak 16 *
Howard, M. Bertrand Friendship 11 *
Howard, M. Bertrand Sweetheart 17 *
Hubbell, Raymond Poor butterfly 12
Johnson, Chas. L. School life 12 *
Johnson, Chas. L. Wedding of the fairies 12 *
Kaine, Jos. T. Greenfield, The 12 *
Kaine, Jos. T. Hawaiian beauties 12 *
Kalman, E. Sari waltz 12
Kalman, E. Throw me a rose 12
Kaufman, Mel B. Me-ow 13
Keithley, E. Clinton Garland of old fashioned roses 12
Kenbrovin & Kellette I'm forever blowing bubbles 13
Kendis & Brockman I am climbing mountains 12
King, K. L. Fond hearts 10
King, K. L. Royal palm 13
Offenbach, J. Dream waltz 10
Klickmann, F. Henri One little girl 11 *
Klickmann, F. Henri Wishing moon 6 *
Knight-Logan & Eppel Missouri waltz, The 12
Kortlander, Max Tell me 12
Kummer, Clare Bluebird waltz, The 12
Kummer, Clare Garden of dreams 11
Lampe, J. Bodewalt Glad girl, The 12
Lampe, J. Bodewalt Hero of the isthmus 12
Lange, Arthur America, here's my boy 11
Lange, Arthur Just one day 11
Lange, Arthur Virginia Lee 10
Lawrence, Carl Autumn flowers 12
Lefavre, Goldsmith & Polla Dear heart 13
Leslie, Edgar & Puck, Harry California and you 12
Lincoln, Harry J. Garden of dreams 11 *
Lincoln, Harry J. Midnight fire alarm 12 *
Lincoln, Harry J. Still alarm 11 *
Lincoln, Harry J. Tallalula band 11 *
Lincoln, Harry J. Twilight echos 11 *
Little, Malie & Finch Jealous 15
Lodge, Henry Geraldine 12
Louka, Marie Captain General, The 12 * (Volkwein)
Louka, Marie Rajah, The 12 * (Volkwein)
Lusk, Milton W. Boots and saddles 12
McConnell, Edwin Goodbye Germany 13
McKee, Frank W. Cecile waltz 12
Marzian, A. F. Evening chimes 12
Masterman, Alf. Headliner, The 13
Maurice, Louis Fighting hope, The 12
Mayer, W. L. My gay Hussar 16
Meyer, Geo. W. Beautiful Annabell Lee 13
Meyer, Geo. W. Hiawatha's melody of love 12
Meyer, Geo. W. High cost of loving, The 12
Meyer, Geo. W. In the land of beginning again 11
Meyer, Geo. W. & Olman, Abe Johnny's in town 12
Meyer, Geo. W. On the way to home sweet home 12
Meyer, Geo. W. When you're a long, long way from home 12
Meyers, Mitchell W. Pride of the regiment 12
Miller, H. C. Cupid's charms serenade 12
Monaco, James V. I miss you most of all 12
Monaco, James V. I'm going to settle down outside of London town 12
Morse, Theodore Auntie Skinner's chicken dinner 12
Morse, Theodore Bobbin' up and down 12
Moses-Tobani, Theo. Army and Navy forever, The 12
Motzan, Otto & Jerome, M. K. Bright eyes 14
Nassann, William Connecticut march 12
Fischer, Carl Extracts from Album of National anthems 12
Northrup, Jos. Cannon ball rag 12
Nevin, Ethelbert & Davis, Uriel Nightingale, The 11 * (John Church Co.)
Novello, Ivor Keep the home fires burning 12
Olcott, George F. On a Chinese honeymoon 11 * (E. J. Murray Music Co.)
Owen, Anita Sweet bunch of daisies 11
Panella, Louis American red cross march, The 13 * (Panella Music Co.)
Panella, Louis Love tolkens 12 * (Volkwein)
Panella, Frank On the square 12 * (Panella Music Co.)
Panella, Louis Pansy blossoms 12 * (Volkwein)
Panella, Louis Scenes of yesterday 13 * (Volkwein)
Panella, Louis With helmet and sword 18 * (Volkwein)
Paull, E. T. Ben Hur chariot race march 12
Pease, Nelson & Dodge Preggy O'Neil 14
Perkins, Ray Bye-lo 13
Piantadosi & Glogau On the shores of Italy 12
Piantadosi, Al Then I'll stop loving you 12
Piantadosi & Glogau When you play the game of love 12
Pierson, William T. Rippling waters 11
Pierson, William T., Jr. Salute to the flag 12
Pierson, William T., Jr. University march, The 12
Pinkard, Maceo Mammy o' mine 12
Polla, William Sunshine rose 14
Powell, W. C. Dream waltz 11
Powell, W. C. Rose waltz 12
Pierson, William T. On the Avenue 12
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr Bits of old time hits 11 * (Volkwein)
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr Emblem of piece 16 * (Volkwein)
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr Fairy tales 12 * (Volkwein)
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr Honeymooners 12 * (Volkwein)
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr In the kingdom of my heart 12 * (Volkwein)
Reeg, Geo. A. Jr Last hope 12 * (Volkwein)
Reeves, D. W. Ideal march 11
Reinhardt, Heinrich Spring maid, The 12
Rice, Gitz Dear old pal of mine 12
Richmond, B. Parcel post 12
Robbins, Branen, & Lange Summer moon 11
Robert, Camille Madelon 12
Roberts, Kathleen A. Lilacs 12
Robledo, Julien Three o'clock in the morning 11
Robyn, A. G. Answer 12
Rodenbeck, John C. Dorothy 12
Rohrer, Gertrude Martin Pennsylvania 19 *
Rolfe, Walter Kiss of spring 12
Rolfe, Walter Nominee, The 12
Romberg, Sigmund Will you remember 14
Rosas, Juventino Over the waves 12
Rosner, E. M. Sunnyland waltzes 12
St. Clair, F. J. Sweet remembrance 10
Santly, Jos. At the moving picture ball 13
Schlepegrell, R. Home circle overture 12
Schonberger, John Whispering 14
Schwartz, Jean Chinatown, my Chinatown 12
Schwartz, Jean I love the ladies 12
Schwartz, Jean Winter nights 12
Seidel, Emil Throughbreds 16
Silesu, Lao Un peu d'amour 11
Smith, Lew C. Air-line, The 16
Smith, Maurice F. On the Mississippi 12
Snyder, Ted Rose that will never die, The 12
Solman, Alfred There's a Quaker down in Quaker Town 11
Sousa, John Philip El Capitan 12
Sousa, John Philip Fairest of the fair, The 16
Sousa, John Philip Picadore march, The 12
Sousa, John Philip Lamb's march, The 14
Spurr, Allen Eileen 13
Stasny, A. J. Dance of he moon birds 11
Story, Pauline B. Dance of the frowsy heads 12 *
Stothart, Herbert Always you 12
Straight, Charlie Red rose 11
Strauss, Joh. Artist's life 12
Strauss, Joh. On the beautiful blue Danube 12
Sweeley, Chas. C. Lu Lu band 11
Sweeley, Chas. C. Repasz band 11
Sweet, Al There's a picture in my old kit bag 11
Tate, Arthur F. Somewhere a voice is calling 11
Taylor, Lester M. Hail to Pitt 12 * (Volkwein)
Taylor, Tell When the maple leaves were falling 11
Teike, C. Old comrads 12
Teillier, A. Etoile d,amour 11
Thome, Jos. Aerial fleet 12
Thome, Jos. Butterfly 11
Thome, Jos. U-Boat Deutschland 14
Tierney, Harry Alice blue gown 12
Tobani-Roberts Hearts and flowers 14
Van Alstyne & Jones When I was a dreamer; Towsee Mongalay 12
Vandersloot, Carl D. General Pershing 11 * (Vandersloot Pub.)
Von Tilzer, Albert Don't take my darling boy away 12 *
Von Tilzer, Harry Honest Injun 12
Von Tilzer, Harry Last night was the end of the world 12
Von Tilzer, Harry When the harvest moon is shining 13
Wagner, J. F. Under the Double Eagle 12
Weeks, Harold Chong 12
Weil & Friedman Rose of my heart 11
Wenrich, Percy Kentucky days 12
Wenrich & Blanke-Belcher Moonlight bay 12
Wheeler, H. O. Spirit of freedom 17
Whiting & Paley Along the way to Waikiki; I can hear the ukuleles calling me 12
Whiting, Richard A. Till we meet again 12
Wiggers, Alvin S. Barefoot trail, The 19
Williams & Moret Mickey 9
Williams, Clarence You're some pretty doll 12
Winne, Jesse Then you'll know you're home 11
Wood, Will Let 'er go 12
Wood, Will Whoop 'er up 12
Zamecnik, J. S. All America 12
Zamecnik, J. S. Amazon march, The 12
Zamecnik, J. S. Cleveland News, The 11
Zamecnik, J. S. Co-ed 12
Zamecnik, J. S. Fox trail, The 17
Zamecnik, J. S. Just an old sweethaert of mine 16
Zamecnik, J. S. World peace 12
Zimbalist, Efrem Honeydew waltz 12
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