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New Locally Produced Title: Turtle Diary

LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARDTurtle Diary: A Novel was narrated by volunteer Marty Lieb and Thelma Snyder.  This audiobook was carefully monitored, edited, and produced by the LBPH Studio Team and Volunteers.

Turtle Diary: A Novel
By Russell Hoban
Life in a city can be atomizing, isolating. And it certainly is for William G. and Neaera H. William, a clerk at a used-book store, lives in a rooming house after a divorce that has left him without home or family. Neaera is a successful writer of children’s books. Entirely unknown to each other, they are both drawn to the turtle tank at the London zoo, wondering how the turtles might be freed. And then comes the day when Neaera walks into William’s bookstore, and together they form an unlikely partnership to make what seemed a crazy dream become a reality. Some violence, some descriptions of sex, and some strong language. 1975.

Please visit the LBPH Soundcloud page to listen to a sample of this title!

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