Partner With CLP

Are you interested in working with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to present a program? There are a number of ways that you can work with us. Please find the option below that best matches your interest.

I need space for a presentation, meeting, or workshop.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh accepts reservations for meeting rooms and event spaces. Visit our meeting room page for more information.

I need space and would like additional support from the library.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh can offer more than just space in some instances. See below for more information about common requests.

Propose a Program Partnership

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh considers proposals from organizations and individuals who wish to present programming in our spaces and get help scheduling and advertising programs. Program Partner candidates should:

  • Not require funding from CLP
  • Have a mission and goals that match those of the Library
  • Be capable of offering programs in a variety of neighborhoods

You can submit a proposal at any time. They are reviewed every quarter. Accepted proposals are added to a roster of available Program Partner programs and may be scheduled for every quarter.

[table class=”table table-striped”]
Proposals received by…,…will be considered by…,…to be scheduled no earlier than…
February 1st,February 28th,April 1st
May 1st,May 31st,July 1st
August 1st,August 31st,October 1st
November 1st,November 31st,January 1st

Fill out this form to propose a program.

Art Exhibition

To propose an exhibition in the Gallery at CLP — Main (Oakland), fill out an application.

Neighborhood libraries do not have dedicated spaces to exhibit artwork. However, we can sometimes host exhibitions in collaboration with community members. If you are interested in proposing an art exhibition at a neighborhood library, contact that location directly.

Author Talk or Reading

Interested in doing a lecture or reading at one of our locations? Fill out our application to let use know more about you and your book.

Film Screening

While the library does occasionally host small-scale film screenings of titles from our collection, our spaces are generally not very well-suited to this purpose. If you would like to screen a film in one of our meeting rooms, please plan to supply your own audiovisual equipment.

Visit our meeting room page for more information about meeting room, locations, amenities, and instructions on booking.

Volunteer to Help With Programs

Would you like to volunteer your time and talent to support existing programming at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh? Visit our Volunteer page for more information and current opportunities.

Other Ways to Work With Us

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Contact us (select “Partnering With CLP” as your reason for contacting us) to contact the Office of Program and Partnerships directly.

I would like the Library to hire me to do a program.

The Library does periodically hire presenters for library programming. Fill out our contact form to contact the Office of Programs and Partnerships.

I would like to request outreach for my organization.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is committed to providing outreach to partner organizations and at community events. Outreach is subject to staff availability.
To request outreach to your organization or event, please fill out our Community Outreach request form.
If requesting outreach for a school, use our School Outreach request form.


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