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Pittsburgh Ready Literacy Workshops

Pittsburgh Ready Literacy Workshops with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh are interactive learning experiences for parents, caregivers and educators. Participants gain and share practical tools to support children’s reading readiness, learning and social-emotional development.  

Educators can receive free PQAS credit for each workshop! The Library offers virtual, in person and one- or two-hour versions of each workshop.

To request a workshop for your group, workplace or organization, visit our Library Experiences page.

We are currently offering the following Pittsburgh Ready Literacy Workshops:

Every Child Ready to Read
Gain information and ideas to easily integrate early learning strategies and supports into daily interactions with children. Discuss and learn about the life-long impact of developing early literacy skills.

Finding Best Books for Babies
Learn what makes a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Best Book for Babies title and leave with practical tips for evaluating and selecting books for babies. Examples used in this interactive workshop reference the nationally recognized Best Books for Babies booklists.

Library 101: Resources that Support Early Learners and Their Adults
Understand the breadth of Library resources and services designed to support children and their adults. For this interactive session, bring questions big and small to learn how the Library can best serve you.

Race, Reading and Young Children
Discuss and learn about the importance of racial representation in children’s literature. Identify and discuss research about positive racial identity development from the University of Pittsburgh, along with the latest in children’s publishing statistics and trends. Leave with practical strategies for evaluating books published for children that can encourage positive racial identity development for children of color.

Using Digital Media Resources with Early Learners
Reflect on and brainstorm ways to incorporate technology into routines with children. Learn about research and activities that emphasize joint media engagement as a path for positive outcomes.

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