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Setting New Goals

There is always something that is right around the corner. Right now it’s the holidays and anew year. Then all of a sudden it will be taxes season, and then summer and summer reading and then end of school, and then….well I’m sure you get the picture.

Traditionally at the end of the year/beginning of the new year I set new goals. Which means I take a look at what I’ve actually done throughout the previous year and decide on a (hopefully) new set of goals. Therein lies the problem for me: I’m hoping that I’m setting a new set of goals. Did I even accomplish my previous goals?

I think this year I finished one goal—I read 355 books (and counting), when I set myself a goal to read 250. What does that mean? Does it mean I failed because I didn’t reach all my goals? Why do we set ourselves goals? What about all the pressure I feel to meet those goals (even though they are non important goals…. aka trying to read all the books in all the series I have on Goodreads). When you look up goals as a keyword in the catalog, you get everything from TMNT to dieting books.

So this year, I’m not setting any goals…. no try to lose 25/50/75 pounds goal (or even 5/10/15), no finishing all the series I’ve started, no read at least 300 books! This year I’m going to just focus on being a healthy happy version of me. That begins with reading some books outside my comfort zone. (I have a great dislike for nonfiction). Which of the following books do you think I should start out with to reach my non-goal?

Or recommend any book you feel was a great book and worth the read.


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