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Pittsburgh Concert Programs: Bound Volumes

The concert programs in this table have been bound into volumes according to the organizations associated with producing or performing these concerts. These volumes are in closed reference areas of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Click on the links for more information.

Organization / Program Call Number Years
All City Elementary Schools Chorus and Orchestra, Pittsburgh Public Schools: Music Festival rq ML42.P6 P656 1944x 1944
American Guild of Organists – Fifteenth general convention – United States and Canada: Pittsburgh qr 783 A51f 1936
American Guild of Organists; Pittsburgh Chapter – Organ artists series r ML42.P6 A44x 1979-1980
American Wind Symphony Orchestra qr 785 P6746 (12 vols.) 1957-1969
Apollo Club (Pittsburgh PA) r ML42.P6 A6 1897x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1897-1901
Art Society of Pittsburgh / Programs of Art Society concerts r 780.73 P67 (5 vols.) 1893-1943
Bach Choir of Pittsburgh r 780.73 P6747 (2 vols.) 1934-1968
American Guild of Organists. Western Pennsylvania Chapter – Bi-regional convention: Virginia; Maryland; District of Columbia; Central and Southern New Jersey; Delaware; Pennsylvania r ML27.U5 A797 1953x 1953
Boyd memorial concert – benefit Boyd Memorial Library fund 1942-1948. Charles N. Boyd Memorial Musicological Library Association r ML42.P6 B69x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1942-1948
The Charles N. Boyd Memorial Musicological Library Association presents a program of music from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries r ML 42 .P6 C52 1945 PITTSBURGH SHELF 1945
Calvary Church – The second annual Choir festival service r ML38.P5 C4x 1948
Carnegie Hall (North Side; Pittsburgh Pa.) / A series of inaugural organ recitals r 786.8 C216 1924
Carnegie Institute. Music Hall. / Souvenir program of the free organ recital (100th 200th 300th 400th) by Frederic Archer r ML42.P6 C37 1897x PITTSBURGH SHELF vol. 1-3 1897- 1901
Carnegie Institute / Free organ recitals r 786.8 C21f (30 vols.) 1916-1972
Carnegie Institute of Technology. Music Dept. / Two concerts conducted by Pablo Casals at the Carnegie Music Hall r 780.73 C216 1965
Carnegie Mellon University Department of Music qr 780.73 C2162 1971-1972
Carnegie Music Hall – Programs of Concerts r 780.73 P966 (39 vols.) 1945 – 1990
Carnegie organ recital – Souvenir program of the one hundredth Carnegie organ recital rq ML42.P6 C28 1892x (Carnegie Library – Allegheny Regional) 1892
Civic Light Opera Association of Greater Pittsburgh r 782.6 C49 (24 vols.) 1946-1984
Conreid Metropolitan Opera Co. r 782 N37p 1905
Downtown Chorale r 780.73 P67497 1944-1956
Duquesne University Tamburitzans : souvenir program qr 780.6 D93 1953-57 1953-1966
Ellis Concerts – Carnegie Music Hall r 780.73 P9662 1913-1923
First Baptist Church Pittsburgh – Hymn festival service qr 783.9 A5124 1937
Frick Art Museum – Series of Concerts r ML42.P6 F75x 1970-1977
Friends of the Music Library – programs of concerts r ML42.P6 F76x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1950-1983
Gwen Treasure concert programs r 780.73 T71 1941-1951
Heinz Memorial Chapel (University of Pittsburgh) r 786.8 P67 1939-1942
Henry W. Savage’s English Grand Opera Co. r 782 N37 1905
Henry W. Savage’s English Grand Opera Company and Orchestra in 4 performances of The girl of the golden west r 782 A47 1911
The Heyn recitals – Carnegie Music Hall 1914-1922 r 780.73 H51 (2 vols.) 1914-1922
International Society for Contemporary Music – Pittsburgh Chapter r 780.73 I24 1946-1958
International Repertory Co. and Ballet Inc. qr 780.73 I248 (2 vols.) 1953-1967
Irene Kaufmann Settlement. Music School, Pittsburgh r ML42.P6 I74x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1940-1951
Fritz Kreisler – Programs of Pittsburgh concerts r 787.1 P96 1913-1939
Caspar Koch 75th anniversary r ML416.K63 C3 1947x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1947
May Beegle concerts r 780.73 M52 (6 vols.) 1913-1951
May Beegle concerts r 780.73 M52a (6 vols.) 1923-1955
May Beegle presents Chicago Opera Association r 782 M52 1921
Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Music Archive #64 v. 2 – Music Glass Cases 1909-1959
Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh / Program dedicated to the Parade of American music Pittsburgh Music Archive #64 v. 4 – Music Glass Cases 1963
“Messiah” musical festival r 780.79 M64 (Oliver Room) 1878
Music festival under the direction of Walter Damrosch for the inauguration of Music Hall founded by Andrew Carnegie (New York) qr 780.6 C21 1891
Mozart Club (Pittsburgh Pa.) bound in vol. 4-5 of Biennial Musical Festival / Cincinnati Musical Festival Association r 780.6 C48 1887-1888
Mozart Club (Pittsburgh Pa.) r 780.6 P6742 (8 vols.) 1897-1917
Mozart Club (Pittsburgh Pa.) / Anniversary programme r 780.6 P6742a 1908
Mozart Club (Pittsburgh Pa.) / Anniversary concert r 780.6 P6742an 1918
North American Sängerbund : Sängerfest of the Pittsburgh District – Exposition Music Hall. r ML38.P4 N67 1905x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1905
North American Saengerbund / Official Souvenir of the Twenty-eighth Saengerfest of the North American Saengerbund – Nordamerikanischer Sängerbund r ML38.P4 N68 1896x 1896
Organ Artists Series – American Guild of Organists. Pittsburgh Chapter r ML42.P6 A44x 1979-1989
Organ artists series of Pittsburgh – American Guild of Organists. Pittsburgh Chapter r ML42.P6 A44x 1989-1994 1989-1994
Organ recital programs r 786.8 C216o (18 vols.) 1938-1971
Paderewski – Programs of Pittsburgh concerts 1893-1923 r 786.4 P96 1893-1923
Programs of operas presented in Pittsburgh r 782 P966 1909-1947.
Pittsburgh Cantata Society / Libretto for the first concert of the Cantata Society r 780.73 P6746 PITTSBURGH SHELF 1869
Pittsburgh Concert Choir r 780.73 P67496 1956-1958
Pittsburgh Concert Society r 780.73 P6742 1943-1979
Pittsburgh Exposition program r 780.73 W56 (Oliver Room) 1911
Pittsburgh Flute Club – Pittsburgh music calendar rq ML15.P5 P58x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1965-1970
Pittsburgh International Contemporary Music Festival (1952: Pittsburgh, PA) – Official program rq ML42.P6 P64 1952x 1952
Pittsburgh International Contemporary Music Festival 1952 r 780.79 P6742p 1952
Pittsburgh Musical Institute Pittsburgh Music Archive #54 – Music Glass Cases (38 vols.) 1915-1955
Pittsburgh Musicians Club – Beethoven centenary souvenir / Beethoven symposium r ML410.B42 M9 1927x 1927
Pittsburgh Musicians Club r 780.73 P67492 1936-1969
Pittsburgh New Friends of Music Inc. r 780.73 P6744 (2 vols.) 1939-1954
Pittsburgh Opera r 782 P67a (25 vols.) 1940-1997
Pittsburgh Opera (Pa.) Thirty-seventh anniversary program. r ML1711.8.P6 P6x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1976-1977
Pittsburgh Opera. Women’s Auxiliary / Diamond Horseshoe Ball qr 793.3 P674 1964, 1968, 1971
Pittsburgh Orchestra / Programs of afternoon and evening concerts r 785 P67 (Seasons 1 – 15) 1896-1910
Pittsburgh Orchestra / Programs of out of town concerts r 785 P67pr 1907-1909
Pittsburgh Orchestra Association / Program of the afternoon and evening concerts with descriptive text r 785 P6742p (11 vols.) 1910-1950
Pittsburgh Orchestra Association / 25th anniversary of the Pittsburgh Orchestra Association. r 785 P6742 1940
Pittsburgh Savoyards / Programs of productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operas. r 782.6 P67 1939-1959
Pittsburgh Sinfonietta / First and second concert programs r 785 P6744 1946
Pittsburgh String Orchestra r 780.73 P67494 1934-1935
Pittsburgh String Symphonic Ensemble Society / Programs of concerts – 5th-7th season r 785 P6743 (2 vols.) 1934-1937
Pittsburgh Symphony / Concerts for Young People qr 785 P674c (6 vols.) 1959-1968
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra / Programs of tour and extra concerts qr 785 P674pro 1943-1955
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra / Programs and other materials related to the tour of Europe and the Near East 1964 qr 785 P674po 1964
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra / Salute to Tschaikovsky. Van Cliburn with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Donald Johanos conducting. r 785 P674s 1971
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Opening of Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts and inaugural concert  r ML42.P6 O64 1971x 1971
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s 1994-95 celebration of American music r ML42.P6 P74 1994x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1994-1995
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra : programs r ML42.P6 P75 (86 vols.) 1926-2013
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: 120th anniversary celebration r ML42.P6 P76 2016x 2016
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra r 785 P6745 1945-1947
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra / [Programs of concerts presented under auspices of other organizations] r 785 P6745p 1948-1950
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra presents Lorin Maazel conductor r 780.73 P67495 1971
Carl Retters’ six performances of pianoforte music in strictly chronological order – assisted by Mrs. Josiah Cohen r 786.4 R36 (Oliver Room) 1850-1921
Anton Seidl – Official programme of the music festival r 780.973 W56 (Oliver Room) 1889
Programme for the Siegfried Festival, Open Air Performances Given in Forbes Field, Pittsburgh qr 780.79 P674 1916
The sounds of hope; organ-o-rama; Civic Arena- 1964 r 780.73 S72 1964
Teutonia Maennerchor – 90th anniversary r ML 28.P6 T49 1944x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1944
Teutonia Männerchor – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania : centennial – 1854-1954. rq ML28.P6 T4 1954x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1954
Teutonia Männerchor / 100 Jubiläum Teutonia Männerchor Vereinsheim r ML28.P6 T5 1988x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1988
Tuesday Musical Club (Pittsburgh Pa.). Composers’ Division r 780.6 P6748 1939
United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh / The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra: William Steinberg conducting r 780.73 U25 1967
Von Kunits School of Music and Art (Pittsburgh Pa.) – Programs of students’ recital. r 780.7 V379 1906
Homer Wickline – Programs of organ recitals presented from October 1973 to January 1980 rq ML42.A1 W52x PITTSBURGH SHELF 1973-1980
William Penn Concerts r 780.73 W74 1916
Y Music Society of the Jewish Community Center. r ML42.P6 Y2x 1983 – 2000
Young Men and Women’s Hebrew Association (Pittsburgh Pa.). Musical Society r 780.73 P6749 (3 vols.) 1926-1962
Young Men and Women’s Hebrew Association (Pittsburgh Pa.). Musical Society r 780.73 P6749a (7 vols.) 1938-1983
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