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Pittsburgh Music Information File

The Pittsburgh Music Information File, located in the Music Department at CLP – Main, consists of a large collection of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and other ephemera. The table below was derived from the index card file associated with this collection. The index card file, also located in the Music Department, is the first place to begin the search, because many of the cards also contain small clippings.

Subjects include Pittsburgh musicians, musical groups, orchestras, opera companies, music venues, night clubs, associations, societies, organizations, record companies, choral groups, events, and other topics and people with some connection to Pittsburgh. These are documents that Carnegie Library music librarians collected before the development of the Internet, and include rare and unique items not easily found in other places.

Coverage is strongest from the late 1930’s (when music became a separate department) to 2004.

The Maurice Levy Oral History of Music in Pittsburgh Collection (OHMP) consists of over 300 interviews. All of the interviews have an associated vertical file folder. Most of these contain added printed information similar in nature to this collection. A few contain supplementary recorded material by the person interviewed. The index below indicates if there is a folder in the OHMP file.

For further information about this vertical file collection, contact the Music Department.
Phone: 412.622.3114

Pittsburgh Music Information File